Done and Drogging!

June 27, 2009

Hola chicas y chicos!  I realize this is a twofer post, but it is also a midnight wasted post, so it will be a quickie.

Thursday was pretty un-monumental.  I ate a KIND Bar as my train breakfast.


KIND Bars always make me happy.

The school day was a little weird, the kids were getting so tired of doing nothing.  A lot of people were watching a movie in Mr. S’s room and my girls class came in and was like “we cleaned up and played that game (Scattegories) in Ms. Wax’s room, can we do that again?!?”  Midway through the day we ended up going to an Anti-Violence Parade.  It was totally non-related to violence or the lack of violence but there was food and performances.  I couldn’t eat the burgers and hot dogs but one of my students bought me an (unphotographed) icee that made me pretty happy 🙂

For my non-mammal-on-the-grill lunch I came inside and ate this Asian-Style Potstickers Lean Cuisine.


I’ve decided that I only like frozen “diet” meals when they are Asian inspired.

The rest of the day was pretty random.  A went out with his co-workers and I hung out at home and vegged.  I ate some snacks but never officially did dinner.  I had 3 of these.


And 1C of KashiHeart to Heart Blueberry with vanilla hempmilk.


I bought this Living Harvest Hemp Milk after hearing blogger raves but I wasn’t all that impressed, it was a little too sweet for my liking.


I also made a 3T serving of paperbag popcorn.


Now Friday, however, is when the fun started!  Today was finally, officially, my last day of teaching.  It was a little bittersweet because as excited as I am about going back to school and starting a new profession it’s odd to think about not teaching any more.  I had said most of my goodbyes to students earlier in the week so I didn’t have to shed too many tears about that.

{I will say, I shed some tears right now: I wrote a mega post that somehow got erased and my rewrite will be nowhere near as insightful}

I didn’t eat any breakfast but I was very excited to eat my last lunch from the pizza spot across the street from the school.


Goodbye East New York food!

The kids were dismissed at 10:30 and then things got a bit ridiculous.  We got called in to a staff meeting for which the entire purpose was to scream at the teachers.  Our principal got back the results of a DOE survey on which she and the school got very poor scores – she was pissed.  She screamed at us for more than an hour.  In addition to several other things, she said that even though we usually get out early on the last day she was holding us until 3 as punishment.

After she left some older staff members continued to scream for another hour.  Some of the things that were said were just shocking – there was so much anger and inappropriateness.  The newer teachers were shocked, Ms. N actually left the room and Mr. H said he felt like he was going to throw up.  One of the issues is that the school got very poor ratings on school safety and the screamers were beyond aggressive in saying that people were wrong.  There main points were a) things are a lot better than they used to be; and b) the kids aren’t “that bad” and it is pathetic that adults would feel unsafe.  I’m going to address those points really quickly.

A) It doesn’t matter if things are better, if they are not ok they are not ok.  You can not and should not lower your standards just because there has been a slight improvement.  I get that the kids used to light the bulletin boards on fire, that was a problem.  However, the lack of flaming bulletin boards does not a safe school make.  At least 2 times a week at least 5 students would come to school in the middle of the day, stoned as hell, and wander the hallways messing with other students.  That is unacceptable.

B) In spite of my experiences (for example: a male student getting an inch from my face and screaming that he would f*cking kill me.  Or another student bashing my face into a wall) I do NOT feel unsafe.  When it comes down to it, I am an adult and they are children.  However, when I filled out the survey I wasn’t thinking about my safety, I was thinking about student safety (funny, I thought that’s what we all were worried about?!).  It is not safe that in our middle school we have many 16year oldsrunning around and terrorizing 12year olds.  Bullying is unacceptable and it is rampant in our school.

Anywho, Moving on to happier things!  Both administrators gave me a hug and told me I did a great job and my principal told me I have a job waiting for me whenever I want it.  And after that we got wasted 🙂 Ms. M organized an escape celebration for me and I couldn’t be more grateful.  A group of us that were close went to Franklin Park Bar in Prospect Heights.

I started with a Franklin lemonade, which was delish.


And then I made people do a round of Knob Creek shots.


And then I did another shot (alongside a too sweet mojito that I handed off after 1sip).


And then I had a pear cider.


And another.


And I also had a final shot that I was definitely not able to photograph.  I had a great time but I was definitely only semi-functional at that point and I very much appreciate Ms. M for driving.  I managed to get a pic of part of our group.


I love (some of) my coworkers!

Afterwards a smaller group of us headed to a diner in my ‘hood because every one wanted shakes and burgers.  I got a black and white milkshake.


It was good but A showed up and drank most of it.  I also got a turkey burger.


The fries were for Ms. N, I didn’t have any, and I had about half of the burger with A.

After my coworkers split A and I went down to 5thAvenue to meet up with my friend Lana (from Williamsburg).  Her bf was dj’ing and we went to watch.  I had a great time catching up, but definitely didn’t do any more drinking!  Apparently Lana has been reading my blog, so that is exciting – Hi Lan!

Afterwards A and I did a long walk home and stopped in at a grocery store.  I picked up my favorite frozen food ever.


This veggie pad thai seriously rocks so hard, it is fantastic.


And now it is beyond time for bed.  It was a great, great day, I feel very blessed.  I am also excited because my parents are coming into town for a visit tomorrow, see ya then!

What was your favorite job to quit?  How did the last day go?


Up the Nut Box

May 31, 2009

The title should actually be “Up and The Nut Box,” but that doesn’t make me giggle.  We took full advantage (and foodvantage!) of the summerish day.  Sorry I ran off in a hurry last night, but Maneater was coming on!  I watched the 2nd half tonight and it rocked my socks – Sarah Chalke is my favorite actress.

What tv show/episode is this from?

“Quick!  What do you bring on a picnic?”

[confering – eggs? potato salad? a dead Lois?] “We’re going to go with potato salad.”

“Show me potato salad!”

While I was watching last night I got hungry again so I snacked on this Smart Ones Three Cheese Ziti Marinara.



A was out super late celebrating a friend’s birthday so we got a late start this morning.  We trecked to the “big” movie theatre and stopped at Starbucks on the way.


I got a tall nonfat iced white chocolate mocha.

Then A and I went to see Up.  So frickin’ good!  I never, ever, ever cry during movies but this made me sob like 5 times.  See it!  A and I split a medium popcorn while we watched.

The we walked around Cobble Hill a bit before the trip home.  We saw this –


with this sign in the widow –


so we knew we needed to go in.  I had to get a gelato.


I got a small white chocolate raspberry and key lime pie.


Cioa Bella is the best, this was so good.

When we got home A and I decided on an impropu picnic.  We went to Blue Apron to pick up supplies,


and headed to Prospect Park.


We had a Sigg with h2o,




with goat cheese,


and a Sweet and Salty Brownie from Baked.


I ate 1/2 of a roll with 1/4 of the cheese and about 1/2 of the brownie.

When we got home we spent time budgeting and making plans for our possible upcoming move.  While we worked A and I split these panda cookies.



I also conferenced called with my girlfriends about their upcoming visit this weekend!  Then A and I felt it was totally necessary to go to dinner.  We had to obey our Burrito Bar obsession.


We split a Bob Dylan Smoothie (banana, soy milk, pb).  And I got chicken nachos with extra jalopenos for dinner.


I think I’ve finally had enough of this to never want it again, thank God.

And while I was watching, the best show ever, I ate most of these Starburst.


And now it is time for bed, night!

Who is your favorite actress?  Mine are Zach Braff, Sarah Chalke, and I am always impressed with Will Smith.

Long/Quick, Jumbo Shrimp

May 14, 2009

Hello there!  This could be a looooong post so I’m going to try to keep it brief as I recap the last 2days – I’ve been extra hungry so there’s been a lot of food! 🙂  I’m going to focus just on eats.

For yesterday’s [Tuesday] train breakfast I ate a almond sample and a Soy Joy Apple bar.


I actually got this free in the park after SWITP.  It was very very tasty but I was surprised to see so much dairy (butter, parmesan cheese?!) in a SOY bar.

For lunch I packed a small apple,


a Nacy’s Strawberry Yogurt,


and an Ooba.


All together.


I love mixing jam into yogurt so I liked the idea of Nancy’s yogurt.  It was good, but better in theory, it ended up being a little sweet.  I think that is because I’m usually mixing into Greek yogurt which has more of a tang.  Ooba rocked my socks!  Jenna posted about this a while back and I’ve been jealous for months – when I saw it in a store here I practically peed my pants!  It was every bit as good as imagined – sweet without beeing too sweet, perfectly fizzy.

I was starving and lunch didn’t even make a dent so I ended up getting a single serving of Cheez-Its and a Strawberry Rice Crispies Treat out of the vending machine.

After school I rushed to the train to head to Manhattan.  My exciting event was the FoodBuzz 1millionth post celebration at David Burke Townhouse.  I got there a little early so I made a few fun Manhattan stops.  I stopped in at Dylans and bought A a gift.


And I got a machta energy boost from Jamba Juice.


Then I headed over to the amazing, astonishing, fabulous, fantastic David Burke Townhouse.  I’m going to say in advance that my pictures (grainy and blury because of bad light) don’t even begin to do the food or decor justice.  The restraunt is modern American and the decorating is egg-cellent.




There were a lot of people at the event – food buzz staff and bloggers – and I had some really great conversations.  I got a chance to hang out with Missy, Vani, Sarah, and Diana which was fun and I met Melanie for the first time.  I also spotted an instructor from SWITP and had a long conversation with her!

There were several bars around the restaurant and they had Prosecco (one of my favorites) and fabulous signature lychee martinis.  I had one of each.



In the back room tables of food were set up that blew my mind:








There was crab and tuna sushi, oysters, crab legs, HUGE prawns, lobster, and more.  Waiters were also walking around with trays of hot food.  Lobster was everywhere and the egg theme was continued in a truely impressive way.  Everything was basically bite-sized.  Here is what I ate:

crab leg, tuna sushi


prawn, chicken dumpling (I actually had one more unpictured dumpling too, ask me about the dumpling tomorrow, I have a story)


lobster scramble


lox, cracker, creme fresh


lobster flan


crab sushi


lobster dumpling


 chicken and shrimp sate


best crab cake ever


crab leg, tuna sushi


After dinner waiters came around with trays of amazing desserts.  Diana and I were laughing that no matter how full we were we would eat if something new came by (and I did!)  Here are my dessert eats, also all bite-sized:

apple tart


strawberry cheesecake pop


butterscotch panna cotta


chocolate cheesecake pop


donut thing – bombolini


grapefruit bar (I wanted to love this – gold dust! – but I actually spit this out!)


Also, instead of mints at the door they had peanut brittle!


The even was 5-7 but I actually didn’t leave until close to 7:20 – I had a great time, thank you so much FoodBuzz!

It took me a long time to get home and an even longer time to wait for A to get home from the city and I ended up being hungry before bedtime!  I was super classy and and this turkey cheddar Lunchable.


I also had Picnic bar (with peanuts and raisins!), my treat from Dylans.


This morning I ate my EAS sample bar for train breakfast.


And for lunch I packed the rest of the blackberries,


and this strawberry yogurt.


This True yogurt was vegan and very tasty, I loved the chunks of real strawberry!


After school my insane hunger continued so I had several snacks.  I started by making lunch for tomorrow out of this stuff.


*Note1, I bought Weight Watchers Mexican because it was on sale, my suggestion for the recipe is sharp cheddar.  Note2, I ate about 1/3C of cheese while I was cooking.


Pimento Shmento Spread, serves 2 (x’s amounds as needed)

  • 1/3 C small chopped roasted red pepper – about 1 pepper, I patted mine dry with papertowl
  • 2/3C shredded reduced fat cheddar
  • 2t plain nonfat yogurt

Stir gently to combine.


I ate one serving on a serving of Doctor Kracker Fire Roasted Crisps.


I microwaved it for 30seconds – ooooh, melty! – and ate with a small apple.


I also had a 1/2C serving of Kashi Heart to Heart Blueberry with unsweetened almond milk,


and a spoonful of pb (I told you I was hungry!)


Then I met A at the gym.  When I got there I really wasn’t feeling it, today left me in a really bad mood, but I am so glad that I stuck it out!  I did a 10minute run on the treadmilll.  Then 10minutes on the stairstepper at level 9; I didn’t love this, I wasn’t sure whether I was supposed to be staying “up” or let the pedals go to the bottom.  Plus I couldn’t balance without holding on and I know that decreases your actual work out.  Next I did 20minutes of arms on the weight machines, and finished up with 10minutes of abs and stretching on the mat.

When I got home I ate 1serving of jalopeno poppers,


this dark chocolate flower from Godiva (from the Always Infinity event),


and finally this frozen pad thai.


In and of its self it was ok, but this was the worst frozen pad thai I’ve ever had.


Also today, I wrote my plans for next week!  I’m ready for bed.  Sorry for the long/quick post, love ya!

Like a Virgin

March 5, 2009

Today was another day of rush, rush, rush!  This morning I actually turned off my alarm and fell asleep – I was super lucky to wake up in time to only be a few minutes late.  Actually, I was dreaming about being late to work while I overslept!

I didn’t have time to pack breakfast at home, but thankfully I bought this Kashi Go Lean Bar to eat on the train.


It was another crazy day at school, because I had a coverage 1st period.  My school doesn’t hire subs, so when people are absent (which is all the time because my school sucks) we get assigned teaching periods on our preps.

For lunch I packed an encore of yesterday’s lunch.


A baggie of green grapes,


and a Smart Ones frozen meal.


Unfortunately, this meal was disgusting!  Note to self: never buy this flavor again!  I took half a bite before I threw it in the trash.  Luckily there was leftover food from a function last night in the library so I ate 5 (unphotographed) bites of macaroni to fill my stomach.

After school I stayed to work with some students and set up my room.  Then I spent an hour calling parents.  When I finally got home I had to rush to get dressed and rush to get back out to Crunch.  Thankfully I made it on time for my 60minute Virgin Yoga class.  Loved it!  I counted that towards my arms reps for the day.

Amid my rushing, I did manage to get the mail on my first trip home and I discovered the Quaker True Delights bar sample I requested had arrived.


I ate it on the way to the gym.


I stopped at the store on the way home to buy veggies for dinnerbrinner.  Scrambled eggs with brocolli and cauliflower (I ate some extra veggies on the side too),


an everything bagel with spinach artichoke cream cheese,


and a glass of Nonfat Plain Kefir, liberally sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.


All together.


It was a tasty meal, but unlike last night’s too little hunger, tonight I had too much!  I was feeling unsatisfied so I ate the last of my Target nonfat Greek yogurts.


HoneyAlmond topped with a handful of banana chips.



I actually have grading to do still so I’ve got to rush off to get it done!  I’m looking forward to tomorrow in a big way – other than staying at school to work on a project, my only to do is reading the book I’m starting in class next week.  Have a great night!

Do you ever eat brinner, or is breakfast only for the mornings?

It’s Only Wednesday?!

March 4, 2009

Another long day out of the way!  It wasn’t good, but it’s over 🙂  I realized this morning that I didn’t do my 30arm reps yesterday (on the 1st day!!!), so please remind me whenever you think of it!

This morning I ate a train breakfast of a Banana Nut Bread Cliff Bar.


Cliff Bars rock my world but this was not my favorite flavor, I’ve decided I overall do not enjoy banana flavored things that are not simply banana.

For lunch I packed a Smart Ones Terriyaki Chicken and Vegetables frozen meal,


and a huge baggie of seedless green grapes.


Nice and refreshing!

Overall, the school day sucked.  At the end of the day a boy, who I’ve written up multiple times and requested to be removed, shoved me out of the way so he could throw something at another student.  Fun times.

And the above incident probably led me to this ice-cream sundae on the way home!


Actually, we had a coupon for Cold Stone from Christmas and I happened to get off at a different train stop so there was one nearby.  I got a small size of a creation I think they should add to the menu – PB ‘Smores; marshmallow ice-cream with chocolate syrup, peanut butter, and graham cracker crumbles.

After my icy pit stop I headed home to do some work.  And finally, went to Crunch for a run!  I’ve decided to ease back into running using the Galloway method, so today I did 35minutes of intervals on the treadmilll (1minute walk/2 minute jog-run).  My plan is to run 2-3times a week and slowly build up my running time.  I did 3.5miles today.  Afterwards I did 60sets of arm reps amid some very light abs and stretching.

When I got home I was again not hungry for dinner so I decided to honor my nonhunger and not eat.  I don’t know what’s been up with my wonky appetite but there’s been a lot of discussion about intuitive eating in bloggerland and even though I’ve only skimmed the book I feel like joining the trend!

I’m planning on getting up tomorrow to finish some work so I’ve got to scadadle – Sweet dreams all!

What do you hope to dream about tonight?  I am going to dream about winning this fabulous cereal contest from HealthingIt or this fabulous granola from FitForFree.


December 24, 2008

It’s the third night of Hanukkah, but this was the first night when I really felt at peace.  We didn’t get to actually do the ceremony at sundown (my schedule means I Never do) but I greatly enjoyed using our new menorah.  It is really fun to build my own holiday traditions with A.  (Just so everyone’s not confused, you will see me celebrating holidays from both faiths this year – it’s the way I grew up and at this point I consider myself spiritual.  Feel free to ask, I just don’t think this post is the place)  Look at our new menorah though!


It’s been a fun, but busy night.  I stared with a small slice of extra-sharp cheddar,


and then delved straight into elfing!  We used the following stuff,


to make this,












part of our gift to the in-laws!  NO ONE reads this blog, but just to be safe I’m not posting the other stuff.  We will pack the pretzels into their containers when we head out tomorrow.

I managed not to eat too many nibbles while I was cooking, because I had a good dinner coming up.  I split a giganto sweet potato with A,


I topped my half with SmartBalance and a small sprinkle of salt.

And then I had this frozen meal – swoon!!!!!   I so so so so so recommend this item.


This is my favorite (frozen or non) thing ever!  I found them in a little grocery store here the other day and was so excited.  The same store was also majorly packing Lara Bars, so you should see some fun new flavors on here soon.


So good!

We also cracked open this bottle of wine while we pretzled.  I’m waaay to immature for wine, but I really liked this.


We bought it in a local wine store on 7th Ave.  What a cute label.


We head to PA tomorrow!  We have all sorts of fun stuff coming up, so I’ll let you in on the excitement:

  • tomorrow – Sunday we are headed to PA to visit my in-laws for Christmas
  • on the 27th we are going snowboarding with A’s sister
  • then on the 28th we are having the least romantic 1year anniversary ever: we board a bus back to nyc in the a.m, unpack, repack, board a plane to Miami that night!  which means…
  • …we are headed to Miami to visit my parents (they still live in St. Thomas, we are all flying for a visit) from the 29th-the 1st
  • and finally we have 4 days of freedom at home before we head back to hell school

1st fun event though – we have “A Carebears Nutcracker” to watch tonight in bed!  Holly geez I love this movie.  I searched to find it again for years and this year it showed up at Blockbusters!  Who has ever seen “Carebears in Wonderland”?

What’s on Your Playlist?

October 5, 2008

A and I went to go see Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist today.  It was good, I like movies from this genre (like Juno which was fantabulous!).  I had a superhealthy movie snack (although hey, it’s calorie count was about the same as any other power breakfast!) of a large diet coke with a box of Milk Duds.

We took a long walk home and saw this awesome bush.

I’m having one of those days where there is so much to do that I’m just like fuck it, I’m going to be behind anyway, why not have fun?

I have to do a “little” work though, so I made a quick lunch of this Lean Cuisine.

Alongside a sliced banana with a little natural peanut butter.  I know Lean Cuisines have a ridiculously spandex workout thong from the 80’s feel to them, but they taste good!

I’m currently playing The Coral, “Dreaming of You.”  What’s on yourplaylist?