Like a Virgin

March 5, 2009

Today was another day of rush, rush, rush!  This morning I actually turned off my alarm and fell asleep – I was super lucky to wake up in time to only be a few minutes late.  Actually, I was dreaming about being late to work while I overslept!

I didn’t have time to pack breakfast at home, but thankfully I bought this Kashi Go Lean Bar to eat on the train.


It was another crazy day at school, because I had a coverage 1st period.  My school doesn’t hire subs, so when people are absent (which is all the time because my school sucks) we get assigned teaching periods on our preps.

For lunch I packed an encore of yesterday’s lunch.


A baggie of green grapes,


and a Smart Ones frozen meal.


Unfortunately, this meal was disgusting!  Note to self: never buy this flavor again!  I took half a bite before I threw it in the trash.  Luckily there was leftover food from a function last night in the library so I ate 5 (unphotographed) bites of macaroni to fill my stomach.

After school I stayed to work with some students and set up my room.  Then I spent an hour calling parents.  When I finally got home I had to rush to get dressed and rush to get back out to Crunch.  Thankfully I made it on time for my 60minute Virgin Yoga class.  Loved it!  I counted that towards my arms reps for the day.

Amid my rushing, I did manage to get the mail on my first trip home and I discovered the Quaker True Delights bar sample I requested had arrived.


I ate it on the way to the gym.


I stopped at the store on the way home to buy veggies for dinnerbrinner.  Scrambled eggs with brocolli and cauliflower (I ate some extra veggies on the side too),


an everything bagel with spinach artichoke cream cheese,


and a glass of Nonfat Plain Kefir, liberally sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.


All together.


It was a tasty meal, but unlike last night’s too little hunger, tonight I had too much!  I was feeling unsatisfied so I ate the last of my Target nonfat Greek yogurts.


HoneyAlmond topped with a handful of banana chips.



I actually have grading to do still so I’ve got to rush off to get it done!  I’m looking forward to tomorrow in a big way – other than staying at school to work on a project, my only to do is reading the book I’m starting in class next week.  Have a great night!

Do you ever eat brinner, or is breakfast only for the mornings?


It’s Only Wednesday?!

March 4, 2009

Another long day out of the way!  It wasn’t good, but it’s over 🙂  I realized this morning that I didn’t do my 30arm reps yesterday (on the 1st day!!!), so please remind me whenever you think of it!

This morning I ate a train breakfast of a Banana Nut Bread Cliff Bar.


Cliff Bars rock my world but this was not my favorite flavor, I’ve decided I overall do not enjoy banana flavored things that are not simply banana.

For lunch I packed a Smart Ones Terriyaki Chicken and Vegetables frozen meal,


and a huge baggie of seedless green grapes.


Nice and refreshing!

Overall, the school day sucked.  At the end of the day a boy, who I’ve written up multiple times and requested to be removed, shoved me out of the way so he could throw something at another student.  Fun times.

And the above incident probably led me to this ice-cream sundae on the way home!


Actually, we had a coupon for Cold Stone from Christmas and I happened to get off at a different train stop so there was one nearby.  I got a small size of a creation I think they should add to the menu – PB ‘Smores; marshmallow ice-cream with chocolate syrup, peanut butter, and graham cracker crumbles.

After my icy pit stop I headed home to do some work.  And finally, went to Crunch for a run!  I’ve decided to ease back into running using the Galloway method, so today I did 35minutes of intervals on the treadmilll (1minute walk/2 minute jog-run).  My plan is to run 2-3times a week and slowly build up my running time.  I did 3.5miles today.  Afterwards I did 60sets of arm reps amid some very light abs and stretching.

When I got home I was again not hungry for dinner so I decided to honor my nonhunger and not eat.  I don’t know what’s been up with my wonky appetite but there’s been a lot of discussion about intuitive eating in bloggerland and even though I’ve only skimmed the book I feel like joining the trend!

I’m planning on getting up tomorrow to finish some work so I’ve got to scadadle – Sweet dreams all!

What do you hope to dream about tonight?  I am going to dream about winning this fabulous cereal contest from HealthingIt or this fabulous granola from FitForFree.

Shout Outs All About

February 18, 2009

Hello again!  I know it’s silly to do a block post when I am on a day off but I was experiencing blogger burn out after my megapost earlier today.

I will start with some Shout Outs:

A)  My amazing, awesome, fantastic friend Ian, who is far cooler than I’ll ever be, made a music website you should check out –

B) I’ve set up a What I Like page,  it features my Amazon store Eating, Reading, and Living Chalk.  I’m also placing my blogroll there.  Please check it out!

Onto the food.  While doing my online duties I munched on 1C of Kashi Heart to Heart Blueberry with some Nonfat Plain Kefir.


Delish!  I enjoyed eating it, but when I was done the dirty bowl smelled so good I had to take it away because it was making me hungry again!  I had found the flavored Kefir to be a little sour for my tastes but this was perfect.


One post and hours later it was time for lunch.  I made Cambell’s Select Harvest soup as my main dish.


Alongside a microwave quesadilla of 2oz of smoked gouda in a whole wheat tortilla.


I know it’s kind of gross, but I love how bread products get chewy when you microwave them.  I also finished off the last of the grapes.


All together. (on a side plate)


Later on I headed up to Manhattan for the 10billionth doctor’s appointment to deal with my plantars wort 😦  Before I headed home I bought a 130calorie hummus and cucumber pack from Au Bon Pain.


Back in the Slope, I finally got in a workout!  This week I have to get myself back into the habit.  I did 25minutes on the eliptical on a resistance of 7.  I ended up going 2.75miles.  I also did 5minutes of abs/stretching at the end.  I can’t help but think that my 25minute Gym Playlist on my new i-pod helped to keep me going –

    1. “New Slang” – The Shins
    2. “Whatever You Like” – T.I.
    3. “When I Grow Up” – The Pussycat Dolls
    4. “Alive with the Glory of Love” – Say Anything
    5. “Where We Gonna Go from Here” – Mat Kearney
    6. “Calabria” – Enur

I ran some errands after the gym and then came home to more tasks online.  While I was working A made a big batch of (slice and bake) chocolate chip cookies.


I may have had 2.

For dinner we cooked this Annie’s,


and added in 10oz of peas near the end of cooking,


and stirred in 2 cans of tuna.


A and I split this (3/5 and 2/5)  for a yummy, protein packed meal.



A is watching “Robin Hood Men in Tights,” and I will most likely have another cookie when I join him!  I’ve got a beyond packed day tomorrow, see you then.

What is your favorite mix in for mac-n-cheese?

Up and Down and All Around

February 13, 2009

Per usual, I’ve been gone the last few days because I’ve been a mess busy.  On Weds. I stayed late at school working on a reward for the not emotionally disturbed to the point of need a vest good kids with the newbies, and then we all went out to dinner 🙂  And Thursday I just sort of hated life needed a break.

And today has had it’s shares of ups and downs.  I’ll state the downers now, to get them out of the way, and move on to the ups.  Downage in short: by the time I left school today I was sobbing because my kids were so frickin crazy and I feel like a terrible teacher.  I know that I am a good teacher (fun/effective ideas, good handouts, nice breakdown of materials, I care, etc), but if you can’t actually teach your lesson it kind of doesn’t matter. Blah.

Anywoo, this morning for breakfast I packed a go cup (I totes rinse out Starbucks cups whenever I get them) of Cappuccino Lowfat Kefir.


I left for school before A today and while I was walking to my train, I had up numero uno – I came upon a tiny little polar bear toy/x-mas decoration laying on the sidewalk.  My nickname for A is Bear (he calls me mouse).  A speaks German, and teaches me random bits, and now I call him Ice-Bear (pronounced eyes bar), German for Polar Bear.


Um, I was so frickin excited when I saw that toy!  I actually sprinted back to the apartment (with my drink, in a dress) so I could set him up on the steps to greet A.


(A was super excited when he found him, and now Ulrick lives on our mantle)

Amid stupidness at school, I tried a new product for lunch.


I’ve been eying the Rachael’s products for a while, but I decided to try a cottage cheese first.  Delish!  I would love to try more but they are a little pricey for me right now.  It was nice and filling for today though, and fit great with the rest of my lunch.


A chocolate soy milkbox and a minneola.

I headed promptly home from school (of course!) and my sweet husband surprised me with a smooshed cupcake from Sugar, Sweet, Sunshine because he knew how much I enjoyed my last one.


Devoured it.  We don’t “do” Valentine’s Day, so this will be it for the lovey-doveyness.  I made him a homemade card (my family does not do storebought) stating that he can buy the cactus he’s been eyeing at the grocery store for the last month.  Woot.

As I organized some stuff and printed our tickets (we are going to Boston tomorrow!) I snacked on about 1/3 of this thing of grapes.


Later on I drank a big mug of Folgers Creme Brulee.


I needed coffee while I set up this guy!


My parents bought me a new i-pod (mine old one has been broken for months) for Hanukkah, but I couldn’t decide between regular and nano and then I wanted it engraved so it’s taken a while.  Did you have your i-pod engraved?  What does it say?  Mine is -it goes on- from this Robert Frost quote: “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: It goes on.”

Now that my 1439 songs have uploaded, we are heading to dinner.  I have a coupon from a local restaurant and we only have one meals worth of food here (which we want to save for when we get back from Boston so we don’t have to shop right away).  Be back later!

What songs are you currently rocking repeat on?  For me it’s “Paper Planes,” M.I.A; “Heartbreaker,” Kanye West; and “New Slang,” The Shins.

You CAN Win Friends with Salad

February 9, 2009

The title is a nod to A’s appreciation of tonight’s dinner, but more on that later.

In spite of last night’s late ending, I managed to drag myself out of bed, into the shower, and out the door in time to get to school and get set up.  I ate a apple pie Larabar on the train for breakfast.



Randomly, my crazy mixed class was perfect today; it was a very much appreciated change of pace.  The rest of the day wasn’t as hot, but I feel like I’m all whined out so I’ll just leave it at that 🙂

It was a busy school day so I ended up eating lunch in courses spread out throughout the day.  A bag of green seedless grapes during my 11am prep, and a Vita Coco, pina colada flavored unsweetened coconut milk during lunch time.


And the leftovers from last night’s dinner as I left school around 4.


Instead of coming straight home I went to Starbucks so I could get my grading for the day all finished up.  I ate a chocolate cream cheese muffin and my signature coffee order (grande with room iced Americano; with skim milk I add in) while I worked.


At 330calories this muffin was the healthiest choice in the display case, isn’t that sort of sad Starbucks?

When I got home I kept with the productivity theme and made the rest of my supplies for the week and bubbled in my official 2nd quarter grades.  It took me longer to fill out the stupid grading forms than it did to actually grade my students!!!

Dinner tonight, actually started last night,


yogurt spiced chicken.

Put desired amount of skinless (bone-in would be better but I just can’t do bones) chicken breasts in a large baggie with enough fat-free plain yogurt to coat.  Shake in salt, pepper, curry, and paprika.  Smoosh bag around and refrigerate overnight.  Cook for 45minutes at 375*.

I ate 1/2 a chicken breast sliced over salad that A decided to rave about.


  • a Romaine base
  • 3 chopped figs
  • 10 walnuts
  • 1oz chopped smoked Gouda
  • 15squirts Balsalmic Breeze dressing

All together.


It was super-yummy and satisfying.

Somehow, it is 10:30, so I’ve got to scoot!  What are your top three favorite salad toppers?