Sunday, Sunny Sunday

June 14, 2009

Well, things have certainly gone much more smoothly since my last post!¬† It’s been a fabulous weekend and I still have a block of Sunday night left ūüôā

After my post yesterday A and I headed to the movies.  I packed some good snacks,



the rest of my TJ’s unsweetened dried pineapple and a baggie of green grapes, but also supplemented with movie candy,


Shockers.  The movie was good but not great РRyan Reynold and Sandra Bullock were amazing as usual but the storyline was pretty flat.

After the movie A and I knew we were a little hungry but couldn’t decide on what.¬† We had to pick up¬†Father’s¬†Day cards¬†so we stopped at Barnes and Nobel and¬†got small pb cookie dough ices along the way.


I gave half of mine to A and then we ended up wandering more than 2miles to Flatbrush!  By the time we made it to dinner at Mangowe were mega hungry!  I ordered steamed veggie dumplings as my appetizer.


These were wonderful, very chewy.¬† The veggies had a nice meaty taste and the sauce had a little kick to it.¬† I only at half because I was super excited about my meal – See U Noodles!¬† Broad rice noodles are my absolute favorite, which means you’ve seen them before which is good because I randomly have no picture.

We headed home after dinner and I’d like to say it was time for bed but for some reason it seemed appropriateto me to spend more than an hour watching Royal Pains on Hulu.

Late bedtime aside, I was more than ready to get up for my adventure this morning!  I packed up a bag and headed into Manhattan.  On the train I tried one of these Raw-Revolution bars for breakfast.


I did the chocolate coconut flavor Рdelish!  This was chewy and chocolatly and pretty much perfect.  I was full of energy when I reached my final destination.

Physique 57.¬† Months ago Melissagave a bunch of bloggers a free pass and I think I’m the last person to use it.¬† I did a 60minute beginner’s class, it was strength moves for the whole body using weights, a ballet bar, a beach ball, and a mat.¬† I was terrible, the instructor corrected my back like 8 times and I still don’t know how I was supposed to be.¬† And I loved it.¬† I booked a class for next Saturday before I even left.

After the class I stopped at Jamba before the subway to refuel.


This was a 16oz Peach Pleasure with a whey protein boost.¬† I wanted the protein boost but this flavor was not happening, I brought the 2nd half of it home for A.¬† I can’t wait ’till we move so I can buy a blender!

I had a busy but fun afternoon – painted my nails, ran some errands.¬† I had a $9 credit at Staples (from my teacher rewards card) that I obviously don’t need so I bought some nuts and candy there and then I headed to the grocery store to buy some goods for dinner tonight.¬† I was dying for¬†a snack by the time I got home so I ate the other half of my veggie dumplings from last night.


Then I had a romantic snack with A ‚̧.¬† We went to Union Market for fun the other day and got foccacia,


and this beauty –


Guinness Cheddar Cheese.  Yums!  A made me thin slices so it looked like more.


So good, you could really taste the beer!

We have a fun dinner planned tonight but first we are going on a walk to run some errands I forgot earlier, see ya later alligators!

What new fitness routes have you tried lately?¬† Did you enjoy them?¬† I am a new convert to Physique 57 and I’m actually trying something new tomorrow too!



May 30, 2009

I haven’t done a recent post because I have continued to be boring.¬† I pretty much haven’t left the bed since I saw you last – ahhhh, good times!¬† Two of my best friends are coming to visit next week and I know I’ll be extra busy so it’s a good time to be low key.

Yesterday afternoon I ate this.


Which was immediatly followed up by a big unphotographed spoon of TJ’s Sun Butter.¬† Fact – Smart Balance PB is disgusting.¬† I am not sure how I am going to use this jar.

For dinner I ate a small portion of leftovers, this time with some reduced fat mozerella cheese.


And many many many hours later I ate breakfast, 1C Kashi Heart to Heart Blueberry with some Plain Low-fat Kefir.


A has been shadowing at a podiatrist office all day, but now that he’s back we are going to take a walk.

I have to have a non-snoozefest post, so we are going somewhere super fun for dinner tonight.¬† I’ll be honest though, I am more excited about this.¬† Peace!

Woot Woot!

May 23, 2009

Note 1 – My Thursday no-show post was the result of a doctor’s appointment for A and I and an impromptu trip to see the new Terminator movie.¬† I’ve never really seen the other Terminators but I thought this was pretty great – the actor who played Marcus Wright was a hot hot hottie.

Note 2 – A definite emilyism is that I (too) often go “woot woot” sarcastically to express displeasure at something.¬† I almost never get to do a for reals woot.¬† The title is legit though, I made it through the week!¬† Late night machine movies left me behind schedule but somehow I managed to pull myself out of bed at 5am this morning to prepare for my day.¬† I wrote my plans, made my materials, made posters, and even took a steamy shower.

For train breakfast I made a to-go cup of skim milk with No Sugar Added Carnation Instant Breakfast.


This was my first no sugar CIB and I much preferred it, I could drink this regularly.¬† I had a Boomi Bar in my bag for the train as well but I ended up seated across from one of my students and for some reason I felt really awkward eating.¬† I couldn’t eat the bar at school (and I didn’t pack lunch) because A and I planned on getting 8hour-fast-required blood tests after school.¬† Unfortunately we mixed up the times, but fortunately A let me know before I got there so I didn’t have to make an unnecessary trip.

When I got home I was pretty hungry so I cozied up to the salad leftovers from graduation dinner.


I used the dressing this time since (duh) it was less fresh.


2days later and still delicious!  This was a bigger meal than it looks, I found a pocket of cheese and chicken towards the bottom, score!

I traded the gym for hangout time with A but I did manage to do 70reps of different arm exercises with my 5lb weights.

Then A and I headed out to do our weekly grocery shopping, we made it exciting by going to Trader Joes!¬† We stopped on the way to the subway for a drink, I was parched.¬† The “better stuff” Snapple commercials have been catching my eye so I tried a Diet Lime Green Tea.


While this was much better than old diet Snapples used to be it still had that sicky fake sugar aftertaste.

Once we got to Brooklyn Heights we trekked the blocks down to look out at the ocean.



And then filled our bags (and my heart) with joy and we Joe’d it up and got our groceries.¬† When we got home with our riches I had some pb.


And then promptly passed out at 9:30!¬† Which is why I’m doing this pm post in the am.¬† The am post will come later, hope everyone had a great night!

What is your favorite grocery store?  I like Whole Foods best, but Trader Joes is a close second.  And honestly, Publix in FL kind of rocks my socks.

Productively Pukey

May 11, 2009

I made it through the Monday!¬† It is actually pretty surprising how well I fared, considering that I didn’t get to bed until after 2am last night!¬† And of course I had trouble falling asleep!¬† Still, I managed to hop out of bed this morning.

For my train breakfast I went a little nuts…


White Chocolate Macadamia Luna Bar and a SWITP almond mini sample.  I enjoyed this bar, but nowhere near as much as the Clif version of this same flavor.

My day went pretty well, a parent sat in on my mixed class (the one I mentioned last week with a high % of POs but a low gpa) and was shocked.¬† I feel really bad for parents when the come into our school, as an outsider I imagine it would be mind-boggling.¬† At the same time, he was there because his son cheated on a test last week and then screamed at me when he got caught, so there’s that.

I went tropical for lunch.¬† Rachel’s Low Fat Exotic Yogurt in Mango Pineapple Passionfruit.


Holy yum!  In addition to the great flavor this was thick in a just fantastic way; note to self Рbuy more!

My drink was island inspired too, a marriage of my two favorite things.


As much as I love love love aloe juice and coconut water I ended up not being quite as excited about them together.  I guess some things (white dogs Рblack sweaters; booze Рpowertools; aloe juice Рcoconut milk) are best enjoyed separately.

After school I stayed for a bit to meet with students and set up for tomorrow and then headed to the city for a doctor’s appointment (still my disgusting foot).¬† I got there a little early so I scurried over to Whole Foods to hit up the salad bar!¬† I didn’t have a ton of time so I did little tastes to hold me over for dinner.


Clockwise Рsesame broccoli, coleslaw, ravioli, okra marsala, falafel.  Yum yum yum yum yum!  The falafel was disgustingly dry so I took a nibble and pushed it aside but everything else was fabulous.  The okra rocked my socks, I officially need to go to an Indian restaurant!

My little tastes made my mouth happy and cost me only $3!  I went with the veggie theme on my beverage too, Cell-nique Super Green Drink in Tropical Fruit flavor.


This was very good for me (300%+ vitamin E, 400%+ vitamin C, 84calories a bottle, etc.) but it tasted like what comes out the back of a lawn mower!  I chugged the whole thing for the health benefits but got in line to buy a diet coke before I had even finished the last slug!

After my appointment I hurried home and made the wise decision of exercising before¬† I watched the season finale of House.¬† My legs are still sore from Saturday but I really felt like running outside.¬† I made a playlist for my i-pod made up of songs that were all about 1:30 to 2:30.¬† I alternated running/walking with¬†every other¬†song.¬† In the end I did 2.91 miles in 34:57 minutes.¬† Here is the playlist I used –

  1.  Anyone Else But You РJuno Soundtrack
  2. Hey Julie – Fountains of Wayne
  3. Semi-Charmed Life – Third Eye Blind
  4. Loose Lips – Kimya Dawson
  5. Alright – Osker
  6. Short, Fast, and Loud – Fall Out Boy
  7. Vampire – Antsy Pants
  8. Reinventing the Wheel to Run Myself Over – Fall Out Boy
  9. Coming Clean – Green Day
  10. It’s not a Side Effect of the Cocaine, I am Thinking It Must be Love – Fall Out Boy
  11. Emenius Sleepus – Green Day
  12. Dreaming of You – The Coral
  13. In the End – Green Day
  14. We Nuh Like – Spragga Benz
  15. Shimmy – System of a Down
  16. Question – Old 97’s
  17. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) – Green Day

¬†When I got home I thoroughly enjoyed the riveting finale of House – I can’t wait for next season.¬† We ate dinner while we watched.¬† I spruced up my leftovers with a healthy dose of this stuff,


to make this drool-worthy bowl.


I utilized another SWITP sample for my dinner drink.


However, 10minutes after dinner I saw a bug on the kitchen counter and promptly puked everywhere.¬† Because I’m a crazy-face.¬† We are pretty much positive the bug came in from outside and in no way touched any food but I’m still a little wary in the kitchen!

I did manage to stomach a trip in there long enough to pack lunch and eat some candy.  A and I split this new pack of Hi-Chews.


Melon was good, but certainly not my favorite flavor.

I did some school stuff, looked up directions (I have a fun event tomorrow!), organized my bag.¬† Now I am ready for a shower and some serious hitting of the hay!¬† Don’t let the bedkitchenbugs bite!

The Best Kind of School Day…

April 22, 2009

…one where I’m not actually at school!¬† Whenever I used to dream of living in NY I pictured prowling Manhattan and drinking Starbucks on the way to work, so any pd that takes me out of East New York is good in my book!¬† The pd was a Read180 training and it took place at the Scholastic center, so that was fun.

This morning I got to head to work on the same train as A for the first time in two years ūüôā¬† I was so excited I was dancing around like a little kid for the first half of the ride.¬† I had to ride a few stops further than A and when I got off the logical breakfast spot was…..Starbucks!

I got a fruit and cheese plate for breakfast.



And coffee.


My favorite Starbucks order is grande iced Americano with room + skim milk I add on my own.  I am one of the few who enjoys the taste of Starbucks but today I thought it tasted burnt.  I ended up adding two packets of raw sugar before I left.  I ate all of my fruits and cheese (brie!) but left the crackers because they seemed odd that early in the morning.

The pd was pretty boring –¬†I don’t actually run a Read180 program! – but I did have fun talking to my coworker who came with me.¬† We were the bad kids, when we were supposed to be doing silent reading we chatted instead!¬† We both agreed that it is sad how exciting it was to have a work day where no one cursed at us!

For lunch I hit up the cafeteria inside the Scholastic building.


I did the salad bar, with a cookie bar and a cherry coke zero.  My salad was a spring lettuce base with some raw veggies and a dab of oil and vinegar.  I also plopped in a small blob of chicken salad.


I saved the cookie to eat during the second half of the pd.


The other amazing thing about pds is that they often let out early – I was home by three o’clock!¬† I took advantage of the “found time” by catching up on all the food blogs.¬†¬† I also made a snack because my lunch was pretty light.


The last small serving (this is a mini plate) of fried rice, spiffed up with some Chipolte Tabasco.

On the agenda for this evening?

  • tons, tons, tons of school work
  • making dinner
  • new episode of Scrubs!

My aunt and one of my cousins are coming to visit me this weekend so I have to do a lot of my “weekend work” in advance.¬† I realized during a freak out yesterday that I shouldn’t even attempt to go to the gym until next week.¬† On the note of being busy, I should go!¬† Be back this evening.

What is your standard order at coffee shops?

Don’t forget to enter my first giveaway before 8pm today!

Sick, Stressed, SPRING!

April 7, 2009

As the title implies, my ongoing illness (and/or stress over the fact that I’ve been busy from 7am-midnight straight) is far outweighed by my joy over the upcoming spring break!¬† However, I am sick, and it is midnight, so this will be a quick post.

I know I almost never eat full-fat dairy, but who could resist this?!


These are probiotic kefir pouches intended for children, but fully enjoyable for nerdy adults!


I’ve been eyeing these for months and finally bought them other day while I was at the store without A!¬† The flavor was very pleasing and even though they were full-fat they didn’t make my stomach feel yucky.

I packed a cinnamon raisin Gnu bar alongside.


One of my Whole Foods purchases the other day was a small box of these, I was worried about taking a flavor jump, but this did not disappoint.


For lunch I had a final serving of pumpkin pesto  pasta to tackle.


I spruced it up with 2Babybell cheddar minis and 1T pine nuts.



With my usual two clementines.


It was a busy day at school, and it culminated with an hour long teachers meeting at which we were threatened/yelled at for our various “offenses.”¬† People at my school are big on talking about “covering yourself.”¬† I’m not there to cover myself, I’m there to teach.¬† All of us newbie teachers feel like there is too much concern with appearances, and not enough focus on the actual students.

After school I hurried to the city for a doctor’s appointment (yes, I still have a wort on my foot, and yes, I do feel disgusting).¬† I popped into Duane Reade on the way home to grab some cough drops and I bought a bag of Pop Chips to snack on during the ride home.



Once back in the Slope I met up with Mr. C at Starbucks to do some major school work.  I knew I was in for an extra-busy night so I threw together a pretty nice meal out of the fridge cases at Starbucks!  A turkey pesto sandwich.


A small Naked Green Goodness juice.


And a Starbucks brand dark chocolate bar.


All total, here are my school accomplishments post 6pm –

  • graded student work
  • bubbled in the scantron sheet for last quarter’s final grades
  • revamped my plans for the rest of the week
  • made a “scavenger hunt” for my students to find key details in the novel we are finishing
  • printed off awards for last quarter’s high grades

I ate a serving of Mary’s Gone Crackers while I worked.


Sorry to rush off, but tomorrow is looking to be an equally busy day!  xoxoxo

Are there any “kiddie” products you still enjoy as an adult?¬†

Do you like Fage giveaways?  Serious?  I need to win this!

You Ugli

March 29, 2009

The title is what our students say to each other (god forbid they use a verb).¬† The other day a (horrendous!) boy was apparently quite pissed that I asked him not to scream outside my door during my class so he told me “you ugly!”¬† My response?¬† Deadpan voice “I know.¬† And I cry about it every night, but right now I’m trying to suck up the pain so I can teach this class.”¬† Hehe, that is generally my response to any sort of random criticism thrown my way “I’ll cry about it later, but let’s get on with class now.”

Anyhoo, I started my morning off with an Ugli fruit today.  Actually, I started my morning off with a small handful of this stuff.


Then I attacked the ugli fruit.


Here it is naked.  It was still big, but the peel definitely added some of the heft.


A and I split it, we both thought it tasted like an orange.  I ate my half with a medium sliced banana.


I also ate 2 Brazil nuts.


Did you know that 1 Brazil nut contains more than 100% of your daily selenium needs?¬† I was reminded of this fact by a “House” episode a few months ago, so when I saw unsalted ones at the grocery store I had to buy them.

After doing some school work it was time for lunch.  A and I decided on meatloaf sandwiches.


I put a small serving of meatloaf on a slice of ww bread, spread the other slice with maple pumpkin butter, topped it with sharp cheddar and broiled the whole thing.


I got a coupon for Kraft Naturals the other day so that is what I used, this stuff has Great flavor!


After 5minutes, my sandwich was ready to go.


Super tasty!  I love the savory/sweet so pumpkin butter was the perfect addition to this.

A went out to do the laundry so I went with me and ran some errands around noon; we have some Easter surprises for our parents when we go home in two weeks!  I worked at a leisurely pace all morning which means I had to pick up the tempo by the afternoon.  I got all of my plans and materials finished (I am saving my posters for tomorrow) and hurried to Staples to make my copies.

After Staples I came home and ate a small salad.


This was romaine and shredded red cabbage topped with a little bit of unsweetened dried blueberries, pine nuts, and fat free poppy seed dressing.

Then I headed to the gym – I am getting back into the swing of running and I love it!¬† Sadly my bunion feels a little bit funny, but I am hoping it’s my shoes.¬† I’m going to do other forms of exercise for a few days then run again in a different pair.¬† The gym was near closing time when I got there so I had to cut my treadmill intervals (2minute jog/1minute walk) to 25minutes.¬† I still managed to do 2.75miles so I left feeling pretty happy.

I had to go to the drug store to buy something to bring my mom after the gym.  I knew I had to eat more meatloaf leftovers for dinner so I did some brainstorming during my run, and came home with these.


I’ll explain them in a minute.¬† On the way home from the drugstore it started to hail on me!¬† I was wearing just a hoodie because the weather had been so nice all day and I was not happy!¬† I sprinted a few blocks and then thankfully A saved me with an umbrella because my foot was really starting to hurt.

I have to take a quick minute to mention what a hero A was today.¬† I truely don’t know how I got so lucky with my husband.¬† He is always sweet but today was above and beyond.¬† Not only did he wash my laundry, he folded and put them all away!¬† Then he walked with me to Staples, saved me with an umbrella, and sat in our teeny bathroom to chat with me during my shower because I was cold and frustrated.¬† He is truely the best guy for me on Earth.

Then I got down and dirty with my other great love, in the kitchen, popcorn!


No one guessed buttered popcorn as my Jelly Belly pudding flavor but that’s what I bought.¬† It was good, but I almost wish it was saltier.

Mushy stuff over.  Want to know what I made with Doritos and meatloaf?


Nachos!  I topped them with corn, sharp cheddar, and a dollop of medium salsa.


So tasty, I love homemade nachos!

I actually have the chance to be in bed before 10:30pm, a miracle for me.¬† I’m going to grab my book and hit the sack!

Do you do homemade nachos?¬† What “bar foods” do you make at home?