June 29, 2009

It is late late late and I am tired tired tired of my internet so I’m going to give some foodie-rific highlights and leave it at that.¬† Use in your imagination to fill in the rest of the day, it was fabulous ūüôā

Breakfast with my daddy for a belated Fathers’ Day.


Homemade strawberry cream popsicle from the flea market in DUMBO.




Pistachio cupcake from Sugar Sweet Sunshine.


Bubble tea in a can from Pearl River Market.



What was the foodie highlight of your day?

Big Apple Rainstorm

June 13, 2009

When I woke up this morning I felt so tired I told A I could stay in bed until 5 – looking back that might have been the better idea!¬† We had a fun day but things weren’t quite working out for us.

I’m not gonna lie – the first thing I ate today was Ruffles potato chips, unphotographed, straight from the bag.¬† Then we headed up to the city to hit up the Big Apple Bbq.¬† On the way¬†we stopped at Dizzy’s and got a¬†lemonade to split.


There were TONS of people at the park, and live music. 


I had a¬†few sips of A’s apple cider.


We had a good time people watching but discovered that there was NO chicken at the event, so my dreams of a pulled chicken sandwich were not going to happen.  A was not happy about being pushed (he had a questionable mole removed from his back this week and has stitches) so we decided to split.  No soon did we leave the park then it started to rain!

We ducked into the spot across the street and discovered a fresh juice bar.


I got carrot, spinach, and pineapple.   I thought this was delicious, maybe I can be a real blogger after all!  As we walked down the street we spotted Punch which looked fun,



so we went inside for the brunch menu.  They brought a basket of bread/muffins to the table,


and our meal came with drinks.


I got a Bloody Mary, and salmon eggs benedict with the sauce on the side.



I wasn’t really feeling this meal, I ended up only eating half of everything (incudling the drink and the hollandaise).¬† I was pretty hungry still as we hurried to the subway through the rain.¬† I ended up eating another serving of chips when I got home.


At least this time they weren’t straight from the bag!

We have low key plans for tonight (and know to bring our umbrellas!) so hopefully this evening will work out a little better!

What is your favorite bbq food?¬† I really liked pulled chicken sandwiches but feel like you can’t find them anywhere.

Sunday Side Up

June 8, 2009

Sunday night was our “going out night,” which clearly had something to do with why I didn’t post last night!¬† I actually didn’t drink very much, but I’m feeling a little sick this morning so I think there is something up with my stomach.¬† Yesterday was the best New York spring day.¬† Everything was just so wonderful, I got pretty choked up when I thought about moving away.

Sunday morning A worked on his ‘Husband of the Year’ award by making breakfast for my friends and I.


I was served 2 eggs sunny side up with toast with SmartBalance.  It was very yummy РA makes the best eggs.

After breakfast we headed out to do some NY exploring – we met up with some of K’s family in China Town!¬† Our first stop had to be bubble tea.



I got a strawberry milk tea with bobba,


delish!  We had a pretty great walk, we looped through China Town to Little Italy and finally into SoHo.  I took my first trip to the pearl trading company and feel in love РI even got some gifts for some of my fellow Brooklyn bloggers.

I took them to Economy Candy so they could get some gifts and then I continued to spread the obsession by showing everyone Sugar Sweet Sunshine.  You know I got a pistachio cupcake!


Seriously, I don’t even like cupcakes, but this might be my favorite dessert of all time.

Then it was time to head home and change for dinner.¬† K’s cousin lives in Williamsburg so we headed there for dinner and drinks.¬† We did dinner at Planet Thailand (where the first blogger meet up was).¬† I loved the way they incorporated beer bottles into the bar decor –


For my dinner drink I got a Dirty Jolly Rancher.


And to eat, Pad See Eiw.


I subsituted vegetarian duck for beef.  Somehow my drink had really kicked in and I was so tipsy by the time dinner came that I devoured the entire plate and felt very ill.  I ended up getting a diet coke at our next stop РAlligator Lounge.  But I did eat two slices of mini pizza.


Alligator Lounge gives you a free mini pizza with every drink you order!  Our next stop was even better though РBarcade.  1.  The outside wall is a mural made of beer bottle tops.




2. There is a Space Invaders scene in the bottle tops.


3. The reason for the Space Invaders is because Barcade is stocked with tons of old video arcade games!A caught a shot of me rocking out Tetris.


I also got my butt kicked in Quebert, Dig Dug, and several others.  All while enjoying an Abita Turbodog.


Abita Strawberry will always be my favorite, but for a dark beer this was pretty darn good!

We came home and crashed and today – I’m late and I’ve got to run, See Ya!

Are You Green With Envy?

June 7, 2009

Another fabulous day!¬† My friends got in late last night we we slept in ’till around 9 then got up and hung out.¬† The three of us are all English teachers so we have dorky-fabulous conversations when we first get to catch up.

To start the day off right K and I did a 2mile run around my ‘hood.¬† C stayed home to work on some schoolwork.¬† I was so happy to get my day started on the right foot.

After some showers we headed our to our first fun NY event РAtlantic Avenue Artwalk.  Basically all of Atlantic Avenue was set up with local artist displays and the nearby restaurants and bars all had specials.


First things first, we headed to the Nut Box for some gelato!


This was Maple Gingersnap – fantastic!

We saw a lot of great art.





We got to go into into a backroom to see the silkscreening process.  I really enjoyed this.




And A and I even bought a piece of local art!


We’ve been wanting to buy some local pieces before we move so we were pretty psyched to find this.¬† It is a photo/painting blend of a shot of one of our favorite areas of NY (DUMBO).

We sampled some local flavors too.  Lemonade with strawberry rum.


Delish!¬† Not as good was the “Beautiful South” K and I shared,


it was made with bourbon, amaretto, and strawberries but the bartender went way heavy on the bourbon.

We walked all the way through art walk and then walked home, all total it was 1.97mile stroll.  On the way home we spread the Burrito Bar love and stopped in for linner.  With complimentary chips and salsa of course.


I would like to say we split these four ways but in reality I had most of them.  For my meal I got the fish tacos.


2 soft shell tortillas with sauteed mahi mahi, tomatillo salsa cruda, avacado, cabbage, pico de gallo, and chipolte mayonayse.


They were impossible to pick up so I had to use my fork.  I also had 1/2 of the cheesy rice and beans they came with.


Then we headed home to change for our biggest adventure:



Wicked!¬† This is my favorite book of all time (Gregory Maguire is a genius, I recommend all of his works) so I was super excited to see the play.¬† K’s aunt is amazing and she got us tickets just a few rows back!¬† I loved the way they decorated the whole theatre in theme.



And this was the funny sign over the exit.


At intermission I bought a diet coke in a souvenir cup; I was clearly excited.


I also ate a serving of K’s Sour Patch Kids.¬† I enjoyed the play greatly, although I wished parts of it had stayed closer to the book.¬† There were some great humorous scenes – the actresses who played Glinda and Elphaba were amazing!

Afterwards we walked through Times Square.  They recently blocked off through traffic so it was nice to walk around without as many cars.  C and I split a pretzel on the way home (of which I inexplicably have no photo). 

And now I’m bushed and it’s time for bed.¬† It was a great first day of visiting with my friends, can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

What musicals have you seen?  This and Cats was it for me.

Can’t Hold a Candle

June 5, 2009

Un-Frickin-Believable Day!  Every single minute of this day has rocked my socks (and some of my best friends will be here in mere minutes!)!

I had plans of getting up for a run this morning but I’ve had a really hard time falling asleep this week and I ended up sleeping way in (the lack of exercise was the only un-awsome thing today).¬† When I did finally get up it was time to do so I scurried out the door and ate another train breakfast.


Lara bars are just so good, Coconut Cream Pie is one of my favorite flavors.

I don’t know whether the universe decided to finally cut me a break or what but today was my best day all year.¬† Every single class was quiet for 2 straight periods and 95% of my students read the entire story, answered every question, and volunteered to share out.¬† If I had been grading today I would have legitimatly given almost every single student a 95-100%.¬† I was seriously so happy all day.¬† I have no idea what worked so well, my lesson was on folktales (we just finished a few weeks on fairy tales).¬† We took notes on key elements, I did a short read aloud, and then the kids read a (longish!) folk tale on their own and analyzed it.¬† I think part of what helped is that most people stop teaching in June so they were taken off gaurd by the fact that I am still full-force doing lessons.

For lunch I did another museli, this one was much more pleasing than the last.


Nonfat plain Fage, chopped nectarine, 1/4C oats.


I also added a dollop of Stonewall Kitchen Triple Berry Preserves.  I had a bunch of kids in my room at lunch and they were very curious about what I was eating Рmuseli is beyond strange to them!

I stayed after school a little bit to work with students and then headed to the train with some coworker friends.¬† Somehow I ended up talking two of them into getting a drink with me even though we all had to hurry to other plans.¬† We stopped at a place in the Slope and I got the best strawberry mojito I’ve ever tasted.¬† I also ate some communal chips and salsa.¬† Sorry for no photos – my camera stays home some school days.

I didn’t have much time to relax by the time I got home but I did send some e-mails and eat a few of these Chocorooms.


Then A and I freshened up and headed into the city.¬† We’ve been planning this date for weeks and I was very excited.¬† I love going to the Upper East Side, even the subways are fancy!



Our final destination?


Candle Cafe.¬† An organic, vegan, spot that serves mostly local food.¬† I don’t know how I managed to drag my husband here but he ended up loving it!¬† A got the potato cauliflower soup as an appetizer.


I had a few bites and it was great.  At this point they dimmed the lights and my pictures go steadily downhill.  I was excited most about this:


I took a flash picture so you could catch the true oranginess.


Sweet Potato Pie Smoothie.¬† Holey frick; sweet potato, vanilla help milk, cinnamon, and maple syrup.¬† This was too delicious, I couldn’t stop raving about it.

For dinner I ordered the Indian Plate.


It was basically a sampler – potato cauliflower curry, black-eye pea marsala, yellow basmati rice, date raisin chutney, cabbage sald and parata bread.


It was fabulous!¬† This was my first major foray into Indian and I am hooked (Brooklyn blogger gals, I am so excited for next week!).¬† The bread was out of this world, my favorite thing was the curry.¬† I left all of the rice untouched but I basically licked the rest of the plate clean ūüôā

A and I were pretty stuffed at this point but we were on a roll so we got dessert.  I ordered the cherry chocolate cheesecake.


I thought it was pretty good but A fell in loooove and made me switch after a few bites.  I ended up with his chocolate mousse.


Which I actually liked better, love how that works out!  All total I ate about 1/3 of each desserts.  We brought the rest home for my friends who are coming in tonight.

Stuffed to the gills, but in a healthy feeling way, we headed back home.¬† Now we are waiting for my girlfriends to get in, their flights were delayed so we decided a cab was a better idea than meeting them at the airport.¬† I’m not sure what my blogging will look like over this weekend, but I will try to at least do a big recap.¬† I am so excited!


May 30, 2009

I had a much, much more fun time this afternoon, A and I had a great walk!  First we went to Atlantic Center Target to buy a new alarm clock.


It’s pink with multi-colored display and I’m pretty psyched about it.

While we were there we stopped in at Coldstone for ice-cream ūüôā


I got a kiddie sized white chocolate with cookie dough Рyumtastic.  The dough was perfect and I love places that let me order kiddie sized.  It is a bit more than 2miles roundtrip, the perfect after ice-cream walk.

On the walk home we stopped into a Jamaican spot and A and I split a chicken patty.


Very tasty.  Patties from the Virgin Island are thicker with a biggie meat to dough ratio but I enjoyed this Jamaican style as well.  A said it was the best spiced meat he had ever had.

After a quick stop home for freshening up we headed out to dinner.¬† The trains were running funny and I had to be home before 9 so we scrapped our Upper East Side plans (we are rescheduling for this week, you’ll see) in favor of Prince Street.¬† We ended up at this spot –


Peep is a Thai place in SoHo with neon decor and great food.  I love the decorations,


but it’s famous for this:


That my friends is the view from the loo – the bathroom has double sided mirrors!¬† The lighting is el terrible so my pics don’t even begin to do the food justice.¬† I did soup and a salad.

Horseradish Ceasar Salad with horseradish dressing and crispy tofu.


There was nothing Ceasar about it, it was very much an Asian salad.  The dressing was tasty (though there was way too much because I forgot to ask for it on the side) and it had cucumber slices, rice noodles, and yummy wonton chips.

Grilled Portabella and Crab Meat Soup with jalopenos, sweet corn, and shell fish oil.


The soup was super thick with lots of corn and huge pieces of crab meat.  The spice was just right.

I ate about 90% of my salad, I left most of the chips, and almost all of the soup.  Delish!


May 25, 2009

Are you a freak?¬† This post is going to be freakishly big because I didn’t post yesterday.¬† A and I’ve been up to lots of stuff, trying to stretch out the long weekend as loooooong as possible.¬† We did lots of eating, which we slightly countered with lots of walking, but I feel like this is a good week to get back to healthy habits!

On Sunday we slept in (I stayed up past 3 with my Scrubs marathon!) and then A and I finally made it to this historic spot.


On the way there we split a ww bagel with strawberry cream cheese.


The cream cheese had real strawberries in it!


I at all of mine and a few bites of A’s half too.

A 45minute later we were in the land of dreams РConey Island!  The had a fabulous day, seeing the sites, eating the food, boozing it up, and riding the rides!  We spent some time exploring the streetside first.







And then we wandered down to the ocean and the boardwalk.







Next it was time for Beer Island.





The bartender was super nice and let A and I sample all of the Coney Island brews.



A got the Blockhead Ale and I ended up with the Albino Python.


It was good, but I got about 1/3 through before I gave mine to A.

Then we split a fresh-squeeze lemonade.


And I had my share of this FOOT of strawberry daquari.


We had a great time on the boardwalk – I love old food signs.




Then it was time for the attractions! 


We played some games, rode the Wonder Wheel,




saw a freak show,



and rode the Cyclone.



We did the Cyclone last and good thing, I was all shook up!  I love rollercoasters but this wooden guy beat you up, my neck still hurts!

We left the park around 4 and I’d waited too long to eat so I had one of A’s chicken fingers.


On the subway home I ate a pecan roll I bougth at the famous candy store.


Once we got back to our ‘hood it seemed like time for more sweets so we split a small peanut butter cookie dough ice.


I had never heard of “ice” before I moved to NYC but basically they have less cream than ice-cream.¬† Plus check out the nutritional stats –


This was soooo good, I’d been craving frozen yogurt and this more than hit the spot.

After we freshened up at home we went out for a long walk.  Midway I stopped at a small Jamaican spot and bought a fresh soursop juice.


Yum!  Soursop is my favorite, this made me miss home so much.

We walked up to the Arch to see the fountain on for the first time this spring.


We got a late dinner from a local Chinesse place – I had Kung Pow Tofu.


Not good at all.  Help me!  Does anyone know of a good Chinesse place in Brooklyn?

Sunday morning we slept in again Рgotta stretch out that weekend! Рthen finally got up and did a little school work.  We decided to honor our Burrito Bar obsession with an early lunch Рhow can you not love a spot with complimentary homemade salsa and chips?


A and I split a smoothie – Cher’s Forever Young, orange juice, orange sherbet, soymilk.


Yum, I’ve been craving smoothies since our blender died, we would usually be making so many right now.¬† I went simple for A but I will be going back to get one with actual berries.

For lunch I ordered the turkey mini burgers.


They were 6 burgers with different toppings (lowfat sour cream, guac, and cheese) that came with french fries.


Everything was good, but for some reason my appetite hadn’t kicked in yet – I ate 4 mini burgers and only a few fries.


Then A and I headed up to the city for another doctors appointment for my foot.¬† I limped out sadly so A took me to Wendy’s for a frosty (small, with cookie dough).


I realize I basically ate this yesterday, but it’s the weekend damnit!

When we came home I had to finally crack down and do some school work.¬† My plans are done for the week, all my materials have been copied, and I’ve done 85% of my posters.¬† While I worked I ate some SmartFood.


I treked to Staples for my copies and then A and I went to Starbucks to knock out our grading.  I had a snack while we worked Рfresh fruit, cookies, ice h2o.


The fruit cup tasted as if it was on its last legs but I knew I needed the fruit so I ate it.



And I had a package of (130calories) toffee caramel shortbread cookies for a much needed (scoff!) dessert.


We were finally finished at 9:30 so I could devote my attention to more important things, like food blogging!¬† Dinner’s plan was sandwiches so I broke out some Quorn Chick’n Nuggets.


I cooked 5nuggets, let them cool, and sliced them up.  Then I tossed them in a sauce made from 1.5T SmartBalance Light and 6 healthy dashes of Tabasco Chipolte.  Then I placed them on a bun with mayo Рwhich meant I got to use my new mayo from Blue Apron.


Finally, I topped the whole thing with some blue cheese crumbles.


And what better side for a Buffalo Chick’n Sandwich then fries (Five Guys)¬†drenched in balsamic vinegar.


I more than made up for skipping my fries at lunch.  All together.


And my computer is slower than molasses so this post took long as heck and it’s time for bed!¬† Sleep tight kiddies!