Nice to Quinoa

January 26, 2009

What a successful day!  I ran my errands, am set up for school for the week, and even managed a mini workout!

Going back, this morning I woke up and tooled around a bit, completely missing breakfast.  I did some cleaning, got my laundry ready (A is amazing and does the laundromat for me!), read some blogs….  When it was finally time to set out on the errands I headached through yesterday, I packed a quick lunch to go.


This was a roll topped with 1t light mayo, 3slices of thin turkey, 1 slice swiss cheese, and some banana peppers for kick.


I ate my sandwich while I ran my Slopeside errands, including buying this neat candy for my daddy.


These gummies are made with real fruit juice and there are 187calories per roll.  They did the caloric % based of a child’s needs which I thought was cute.  They are super yummy and I ate about 1/2 a pack while I walked around.


My father had tons of candy requests and since I was charging it to his credit card he also let me pick out an exciting fancy yogurt you’ll see later this week!

Post errands I worked on plans and made materials for most of the afternoon.  I was craving chocolate so I attempted chocolate milk by stirring a teaspoon each of sugar and Dutch cocoa into a glass of skim milk.


It was good, but the cocoa didn’t really stir in, I ended up skimming most of it off the top.

Later in the afternoon I made myself 3Ts of paper bag popcorn for a snack!


How many people know about this?  I feel like I read about it in Martha Stewart or something!  You can put popcorn kernels in a paper bag with a little bit of salt to make microwave popcorn sans fat and oil.  You just turn the over the top of the bag and give it one staple – you don’t need to worry about this little metal, no sparks!

Around 5:30 A and I walked down to Staples to make some photocopies.  As much as I resent the trip it’s .64miles to get there and I do enjoy getting to walk.  I also met up with a coworker at a coffee place in my neighborhood; he does social studies so our students will be working on a joint paper for our two classes over the next couple of weeks.  I finally got my chocolate fix in the form of an unphotographed medium hot chocolate while I was at my meeting.

When I got home (at 8pm!) it was finally time to make dinner.  We made Feta, Tofu, Tomato,Zucchini, Quinoa.  It’s a busy week so we made enough for both of us for the next 3 nights.

  • 1pint cherry tomatoes
  • 2 zucchinis, sliced
  • 12oz extra firm tofu (tofu is for me only, A made chicken so you would need to double this for two)
  • 12oz quinoa, prepared according to the box directions
  • 4oz feta
  1. Prepare quinoa according to box directions.
  2. Meanwhile, place tofu and veggies on sprayed, foiled baking sheets and sprinkle with salt and seasoning of choice.  Put trays in a 450* oven for 30minutes.
  3. Combine all ingredients and loudly “Mmmmmmmmmmm!”

I used 3/4C cooked quinoa, 1/3 of the veggies, 4oz tofu, and 1t feta cheese.


Oh my lord, Quinoa – where have you been all my life?


A and I loved this, it was chewy and flavorful and fabulous!

After dinner I finished up my posters, packed lunch, and finally finally finally did some physical activity.  I did 20minutes of an at home workout using a “Crunch Pick Your Spot” dvd on instant-play from Netflix.  I did abs and butt!  It wasn’t the best workout, but it’s better than nothing.  I am such an “all or nothing” person but I have to let that go this year if I want to work out at all!

What is your favorite workout dvd?