Numero Uno

June 20, 2009

I am in much better spirits 🙂  We finally made some (basic) choices, which I will be sharing with readers by the end of this week.  Plus I saw Year One this afternoon which made me laugh.  Andthen I got to catch up with an old college friend.

J and I worked at the on-campus bar together at University of Miami.  She is in law school here in NY which means she is as busy as I am and we never see each other!  It is almost summer now so we managed a double date at South Street Seaport.  I was wicked thirsty on the train so I slammed a lemonade as soon as I reached the Seaport.


Then I met up with A, who had been out drinking with school friends, and finally we met up with J and her boyfriend.  Some of the restaurants at the Seaport are a bit iffy so we ended up at Unos.  I was pretty much stuffed still from movie popcorn so I made a light dinner choice.


Soup and salad.  Soup was vegetable – Carrots, celery, corn, beans, onions, spinach, red bell peppers, potatoes, tomatoes and zucchini in a low fat vegetarian broth (135calories).


And the salad was the Gorgonzola Walnut Side Salad – Mixed lettuces, tomato, red onion, cucumber, honey glazed walnuts, Gorgonzola, croutons and low fat blueberry pomegranate vinaigrette (280calories).


I ate about 2/3 of the soup and salad.  Even though I didn’t clean my plate I did manage to snag a few bites of A’s brownie sundae dessert.


Yums!  I frickin love living in NY so much – having the calories posted on the menus takes away all of my ordering anxiety.  There are times when I really don’t care between two options and the idea that one of them could potentially have 1,000 more calories when I don’t even prefer it freaks me out.

We got done with dinner around 10:30 and A and headed home because I need to be up early tomorrow for my 2nd foray into Physique57.  Sweet dreams all!

Does your town post nutritional stats?  What do you think about the practice? 

I am generally unsure about things that put an emphasis on calories.  The amount of young girls who are concerned about weight (and additionally engaging in unhealthy practices) is staggering.  If I hear some one commenting about calories when I am eating I feel deeply uncomfortable.  However, I strongly support posting nutritional stats.  While I have slight reservations that this practice may deprive some young girls typical childhood experiences (“A corn dog at a ball game with dad has how many calories?!  No thanks!”) I think that starting a dialogue is a good thing.  And on the flip side there are times when I am surprised by how low the number is, rather than high.  Just as it’s good for people to be aware of excess, I am glad people eating too little have the information in front of them rather than (over)estimating.

Additionally, (thankfully or sadly?) people who are too concerned about calorie counts are the minority in American society.  People complain about parents who don’t bother to have the sex talk with their children, what about the trans fat talk?  Or the calcium talk?  Or for my children, the why we don’t eat candy for breakfast and lunch talk.  Putting nutritional information right on the menu opens up a opportunity for communication.

Finally, as an informed adult I appreciate my ability to be armed with all of the facts when I make a food choice in NYC.  Even as someone who is concerned with health, cooks, reads articles, etc I am often surprised by how much I over/underestimate the calories in restaurant meals.  While it is not feasible to ask Mom and Pop spots to call in a team of analysts, chain restaurants are employing nutritionists anyways, why not make their knowledge public for the good of the consumer?


Shout Outs All About

February 18, 2009

Hello again!  I know it’s silly to do a block post when I am on a day off but I was experiencing blogger burn out after my megapost earlier today.

I will start with some Shout Outs:

A)  My amazing, awesome, fantastic friend Ian, who is far cooler than I’ll ever be, made a music website you should check out –

B) I’ve set up a What I Like page,  it features my Amazon store Eating, Reading, and Living Chalk.  I’m also placing my blogroll there.  Please check it out!

Onto the food.  While doing my online duties I munched on 1C of Kashi Heart to Heart Blueberry with some Nonfat Plain Kefir.


Delish!  I enjoyed eating it, but when I was done the dirty bowl smelled so good I had to take it away because it was making me hungry again!  I had found the flavored Kefir to be a little sour for my tastes but this was perfect.


One post and hours later it was time for lunch.  I made Cambell’s Select Harvest soup as my main dish.


Alongside a microwave quesadilla of 2oz of smoked gouda in a whole wheat tortilla.


I know it’s kind of gross, but I love how bread products get chewy when you microwave them.  I also finished off the last of the grapes.


All together. (on a side plate)


Later on I headed up to Manhattan for the 10billionth doctor’s appointment to deal with my plantars wort 😦  Before I headed home I bought a 130calorie hummus and cucumber pack from Au Bon Pain.


Back in the Slope, I finally got in a workout!  This week I have to get myself back into the habit.  I did 25minutes on the eliptical on a resistance of 7.  I ended up going 2.75miles.  I also did 5minutes of abs/stretching at the end.  I can’t help but think that my 25minute Gym Playlist on my new i-pod helped to keep me going –

    1. “New Slang” – The Shins
    2. “Whatever You Like” – T.I.
    3. “When I Grow Up” – The Pussycat Dolls
    4. “Alive with the Glory of Love” – Say Anything
    5. “Where We Gonna Go from Here” – Mat Kearney
    6. “Calabria” – Enur

I ran some errands after the gym and then came home to more tasks online.  While I was working A made a big batch of (slice and bake) chocolate chip cookies.


I may have had 2.

For dinner we cooked this Annie’s,


and added in 10oz of peas near the end of cooking,


and stirred in 2 cans of tuna.


A and I split this (3/5 and 2/5)  for a yummy, protein packed meal.



A is watching “Robin Hood Men in Tights,” and I will most likely have another cookie when I join him!  I’ve got a beyond packed day tomorrow, see you then.

What is your favorite mix in for mac-n-cheese?

Bowled Over

January 10, 2009

I feel like an unlucky (lucky?) bowling pin.  It was a rough week at school and I spent most of today extreme power napping!  I didn’t get much crossed of the to-do list today, but I did at least get to solidify plans with my aunt – A and I are headed for a quick visit to Baltimore next week!

For lunch I combined a portion of butternut squash mac-n-cheese with this veggie soup,



 to make this big steamy bowl topped with a sprinkle of Parmesan.


Eaten alongside a diet rootbeer.


And later on in the day I made myself the creation I have been dreaming about for a while now – Fluffernutter Oats!


Oh yes, that oatmeal is topped with marshmallows!  I made a 1/3 of oatmeal and topped it with 4 chopped marshmallows before I stuck it in the microwave.  Finally I topped it with a splash of skim milk and 1t of chunky natural pb.  Yum!  This is what it looked like de-puffed.


This combo with definitely be seen again!  I will most likely continue my slacker streak today, but I will at least be leaving the house tonight – I have dinner plans in Williamsburg with one of my best friends from high school, can’t wait!

The Curious Case

December 26, 2008

It’s been another lazy-hazy day 🙂  We slept in again and then headed to the movies as a family!  I’ve been so excited to see “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and it did not disappoint.  I didn’t get a chance to eat beforehand and I knew I have popcorn self-control issues so I brought a yogurt almond apricot KIND bar to snack on instead.


I also had a large diet coke.

We ran some errands, including some Christmas returns, so I was starving by the time we got home.  (Unphotographed) I ate three pieces from the candy bowl and three (too)large handfuls of peanuts.

For dinner we supplemented leftovers with soup from Zoup.  I had 8oz of white chicken chili.


Alongside 2 chicken cheese quesadillas and 4 crackers with cranberry chicken salad.


All together now.


We aren’t sure whether the weather will work for us tomorrow but we are still planning on getting up in time to go snowboarding so I need to head to bed soon.  Either way I’ll post at the end of the day tomorrow.  Do a NO-rain dance for me!


December 14, 2008

So last night was a success – A now has a snazzy looking suit for his interview this week, hopefully it will bring him luck.  I’ve spent most of my life being ulta-organized and always planning ahead, but the last few years have definitely cured me of that.  I literally have no idea what part of the country I’ll be living in, or even what my job will be next year.  We are letting the admissions process decide for us!  It’s a little nerve-wracking, but almost nice because I really don’t know whether or not I want to keep teacher and it’s making that decision less pressured.

After we went shopping we walked around Bryant Park and Times Square – I love New York City in the winter!  We ended up going to see “Nothing Like the Holidays.”  It was ok, parts of it were a little stilted, but Jay Hernandez is such a hottie!  A likes chick flicks more than I do so he liked it more than I.

We had a quick dinner at Chevy’s Fresh Mex before the movie.  Everything looked yummy, and it was very fresh, but most of the menu was 1200calories+.  Of course they had chips on the table,


I snacked on five and then concentrated on my diet pepsi.

For dinner I ordered the only under 1000calorie item (390), chicken tortilla soup.


It was yummy, but our meal took so long we were going to be late to our movie so I didn’t get to eat all of it.  The restrunt was so nice about it; we were getting worried, but hadn’t said anything to the waiter, when he apologized for the wait and had the manager comp. 50% of our bill!  A loved his food, and I’d go back and order soup again because the service was so nice.

During the movie A felt bad that I was hungry and surpised me with popcorn and gummybears.  It was sweet, but kind of defeated the purpose of ordering a healthy dinner!

This morning we got up and got started on our to-dos.  I have a ton of school work to do and some cooking, but first and foremost was laundry!  We got a tall nonfat eggnog latte from Starbucks while we waited.  I also hiked over to Barnes and Nobels and picked up some great looking books.  We will be doing a lot of traveling over Christmas so I wanted to be prepared.

When I got home I knew I had to break into the fresh berries I found on sale at the grocery store the other day.  I used one of our “Christmas bowls” my mommy gave us.



This bowl is 1/2C nonfat cottage cheese topped with 1.5teaspoon ground flax, 1t homemade strawberry jam, and raspberries and blackberries.  Yummy yummy yummy.  Blackberries are my favorite berry.

I’ve got to get back to the grindstone, but I’ll be back with a lunch/dinner update later.  What is your favorite berry?

Looking Up

November 21, 2008

I did not wake up early, I’m sure your shocked.  Besides doing afterschool (which may have been one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made) not getting up early has been the biggest detriment to my happiness this year.  It all works out though!

I packed this lovely assortment to eat on the train for breakfast. (fun sized hersheys dark, tj 100calorie dark, kashi bar)


And then was busy from the minute I got to school until 5:30 when I left school.  It was a good thing I forgot to bring my lunch!  I thought I was having a bad day, due to the fact that two of my boys got in a major fight and tipped over 2 desks and 2 bookshelves.  Simultaneously, however, Mr. R was having a three-hole-punch thrown full force at his head.  Good times.

I didn’t get home until after 7 because I stayed late at school doing work and when Mr. C drove me home we had to go up into BedSty first to drop Ms. N off.  When I did finally got home I ate the sliced Gala apple I had packed for lunch alongside a big forkful of natural peanut-butter.


This perked me up, as did the mail – A’s birthday/x-mas present came and I got a giganto check in the mail from afterschool.  Suddenly it was all worth it!

I ate this bowl of soup for dinner,



and now I’m off to watch movies and read some  magazines!  I will probably try to eat something else, I realized so far I’ve had less than 900calories today. If I have a snack I’ll do a post later, otherwise, manana!

*****Updated to add – I think I managed to fulfill my caloric minimum,


A and I wipped up some Serendipity frozen hot chocolate!

Under the Sea

November 20, 2008

A recap and a theme night!  I get super excited about anything involving a theme (I probably really  should have done the sorority thing in college!) and A and I made a  list of fun theme nights a bit ago.  We finally got to do the first one, but more on that later.

I scrapped the whole “wake up early” thing this morning and instead snuggled with A for more than an hour! xoox.  When I did get out of bed, late, I scrambled to the subway and bought this for breakfast.


(yes, I am wearing purple tights!)

For lunch I packed a salad made with the second half of the butter beans.


  • 1/2 a can of butter beans
  • chopped red, orange, and yellow peppers
  • 2T feta cheese
  • and homemade dressing – I shook the last of the mini jar of raspberry wasabi mustard with 1/4t evoo and 1/2t rice vinegar – yum!

I was starving all day today.  Prior to lunch I actually felt like I was going to pass out in the middle of a class!  I had to stay for afterschool so I ate one of the school provided snacks – “heartzels” and apple juice.


At less than 200calories and no saturated fat I think this is a pretty good “government food.”

When I got home I couldn’t resist eating a big fork of peanut butter though!


And then it was on to theme night # 1 – Under the Sea!  We rented Finding Nemo and ate these fantastic fishy foods:


We ate in three courses while we watched the movie.  First, I swam a few mozzarella goldfish in some Pacific roasted carrot soup.


I ate most of my crackers on the side though, the soup wasn’t really a mixing flavor.


 Next I ate my fish sticks.


And finally I topped slow churned vanilla ice cream with some homemade strawberry jam and some gummy fish!


I’m excited for my pd tomorrow; the topic sounds fun and I don’t have to go to school!  I got an e-mail saying that breakfast would be provided and lunch was available for purchase at the museum cafe.  Since we have less than $5 challenge dollars left the plan is to eat breakfast at home, snag a free snack, then pack a small meal for lunch.  Catch ya in the AM!