Ice-Cream Man

May 8, 2009

After my last post I realized I wasn’t starving, but that I should probably eat before I was.  I had 1.5T of this fabulousness.


A little later I ate the champagne mango I found at Whole Foods the other day.


I was so impressed at A’s mad slicing skills – usually we get 1bite of flesh per mango!


This was delish, but tasted just like a regular mango to me.  Has anyone else tried this? Thoughts?

Then A and I skilled more than 20minutes wrestling (no, I’m not being cute trying not to be dirty, I actually mean wrestle – A and I have a long history of beating the crap out of each other).  He totally won, our longstanding date-breaking with the gym means that he’s fatter and I’m weaker!

After my “workout” I headed out to do some grocery shopping.  We needed almost nothing for next week but A was going to the movies and I was going alone so I made an event of it.  I stopped in all the “hippie” stores to peruse before I went to Key Foods for $17 in staples!

On the way home I spotted an ice-cream truck!


This was so Park Slope!  Van Leeuwen is all-natural and stocks grown-up flavors.


I got a small espresso and giandujia (chocolate hazelnut) – yum!


Just as I paid A swooped in from out of nowhere to steal a few bites!  Kicking my butt made him so late his movie was sold out so he walked home with me while he waited for the next show.  After I said goodbye to A and put away my groceries I got started on dinner.

First I sliced up these guys, put them on a sprayed, foiled baking sheet, sprinkled with a little salt, and put in the oven at 450* for 25minutes.


I ended up eating all of the green and yellow squash and 1/2 of the tempeh.  While I was baking I cracked open our new beer – Abita Strawberry Beer.


Tasty, tasty!  I didn’t necessarily get strawberry, but it tasted like summer and went down easy.  I’m someone who usually only drinks half a beer but this I finished and almost went back for a 2nd of!

When the roasting was done I put my veggies on a plate and got started on my open faced sandwich (inspired by this kerf’wich).  I toasted 1 slice of rye bread, spread it with pumpkin butter, laid down 1/2 a package of the sliced baked tempeh, topped with 1oz sharp cheddar, and baked for 5minutes.


Yum!  All together now.


Roasted squash is one of my favorite veggies and this sandwich was frickin amazing – I could never go raw!  If you are a fan of the salty/sweet combo you must try this!

I am all packed and excited for tomorrow (SELF Workout in the Park) so once I get a shower it is time to laze in bed with my book.  Don’t let the bedbugs bite!

Have you tried tempeh yet?



April 1, 2009

Holy frick I’m up early enough to do a breakfast post!  I felt slightly guilty about my absence yesterday and figured I’d make it up to my many (ha!) readers; I’m really make an effort to be a more consistent blogger.  I really do have a reason for not posting yesterday though – A was out of town, so I made popcorn for dinner, but in order to explain my healthy choices I needed to mention that A was out of town, and that seemed unsafe.

Here is a lunch preview since per usual I won’t be home until late.



I made dinner foods last night and just packed them for lunch.  For the tofu I sliced a block of extra firm into 6ths and placed it in a tupperware overnight with soy sauce, apple cidar vinegar and a little bit of Chipolte Tabasco and maple syrup.  Last night I placed it on a sprayed baking sheet, sprinkled the top with a teensy bit of sugar and salt and cooked for 45minutes at 450*.   The circles are these adorable Italian eggplants, sliced and oven roasted.


I also packed two clementines.


It should be a busy day at work, so I’m glad to have already checked something off my to do list!  Have a great day!

What’s the first thing on your to do list today?

I Love You, Weekend

March 20, 2009

What a day, what a day!  I kept turning to A (he was home from school because he had a doctor’s appointment for her hurt back) and saying “I can’t believe it’s not Saturday yet!”  It was like a fake butter commercial, but with more enthusiasm!

After my post this morning I headed out to the gym.  I snacked on this blueberry Z-bar for fuel while I walked.


This was a bar fail.  I’m a huge Clif fan but I will not be trying the z-bar again.

I planned on running at the gym but when I discovered that my i-pod was dead I totally lost my mojo.  I ended up being motivated by a People in the magazine rack to do 20minutes, level 8, on the stepmill.  I followed it up witha 5minute abs and stretching session.  Every time I make it back to the gym I remember how much I adore it, I need to stop letting work rule my life.  With 20days until I’m back in a bikini I can’t think of a better time to get motivated.

After the gym A met me at the grocery store and we stocked up on dairy goods for next week.  I’ll be giving my reflections on Sunday, but I can say now that A is not a vegan at heart.  After my shower we decided to enjoy our weekday together by heading to ‘Snice (we are getting a little obsessed)!

I tried the Vegan Tempeh Reuben.


Holy frick, so good!  I adore rubens, I’ve never had a real one because I stopped eating meat (mammals) before 8th grade, but turkey reubens rock my socks.  I am already excited for the one I will get at a place back home that uses cole slaw instead of ‘kraut.  This guy had the fabulous addition of sprouts.


I ate 90% of the sandwich and 15% of the salad.  A and I also split a Malted Milkless Shake.


This really did taste like the inside of a Malted Milk Ball.  The sweet stuff didn’t end there though.

We headed to the movies from lunch, and on the way we stopped in at Union Market.  I spotted this Ugli fruit, I’ve never tried one before, but I had to buy it!


Look at the size of it compared to my hand!  I am super excited to peel this big mama open.

We saw “I Love You, Man” which was fabulous.  Paul Rudd is such a great actor.  My only complaint is that they really went for the awkward moment comedy.  I am really unable to handle embarrassing tv/movie situations.  I almost never get embarrassed in my own life but when characters are in awkward moments I just die – I actually covered my ears during the wedding toast moment! 

For snacks I bought a large diet coke (obvi!) and brought along a mini bag of Ike and Sam’s kettle corn.


I almost never eat pre-prepped popcorn – if you’re going to be obsessed go for the real stuff – but I wanted to try this brand and it did not disappoint.  I also bought a vegan brownie from ‘Snice.


Tasty, tasty.

We fiddle-faddledaround a bit when we got home and got a late start on dinner.  Thankfully, it was an easy prep (with leftovers for tomorrow too!).  We made ww pasta, topped with fire roasted tomato and garlic pasta sauce, and this new buy.


This Gimmie Lean fake meat ranks pretty high on my fake meats scale; better than the beef strips but not as good as the fakin’ bacon.


I topped my bowl with a slice of veggie cheese and some roasted yellow squash and zucchini.


It was very satisfying and I am look forward to eating it for dinner tomorrow.

A is watching “Princess Bride” on TV and it is definitely sucking me in so I’ve got to go.  I’ll see you in the AM for a fun breakfast.

What genre of movie do you enjoy?  I am all about the comedy, other than Zach Braff (frickin’ unbelievably genius, his musical pairings are beyond brilliant) Jude Apataw is my favorite director.

Nice to Quinoa

January 26, 2009

What a successful day!  I ran my errands, am set up for school for the week, and even managed a mini workout!

Going back, this morning I woke up and tooled around a bit, completely missing breakfast.  I did some cleaning, got my laundry ready (A is amazing and does the laundromat for me!), read some blogs….  When it was finally time to set out on the errands I headached through yesterday, I packed a quick lunch to go.


This was a roll topped with 1t light mayo, 3slices of thin turkey, 1 slice swiss cheese, and some banana peppers for kick.


I ate my sandwich while I ran my Slopeside errands, including buying this neat candy for my daddy.


These gummies are made with real fruit juice and there are 187calories per roll.  They did the caloric % based of a child’s needs which I thought was cute.  They are super yummy and I ate about 1/2 a pack while I walked around.


My father had tons of candy requests and since I was charging it to his credit card he also let me pick out an exciting fancy yogurt you’ll see later this week!

Post errands I worked on plans and made materials for most of the afternoon.  I was craving chocolate so I attempted chocolate milk by stirring a teaspoon each of sugar and Dutch cocoa into a glass of skim milk.


It was good, but the cocoa didn’t really stir in, I ended up skimming most of it off the top.

Later in the afternoon I made myself 3Ts of paper bag popcorn for a snack!


How many people know about this?  I feel like I read about it in Martha Stewart or something!  You can put popcorn kernels in a paper bag with a little bit of salt to make microwave popcorn sans fat and oil.  You just turn the over the top of the bag and give it one staple – you don’t need to worry about this little metal, no sparks!

Around 5:30 A and I walked down to Staples to make some photocopies.  As much as I resent the trip it’s .64miles to get there and I do enjoy getting to walk.  I also met up with a coworker at a coffee place in my neighborhood; he does social studies so our students will be working on a joint paper for our two classes over the next couple of weeks.  I finally got my chocolate fix in the form of an unphotographed medium hot chocolate while I was at my meeting.

When I got home (at 8pm!) it was finally time to make dinner.  We made Feta, Tofu, Tomato,Zucchini, Quinoa.  It’s a busy week so we made enough for both of us for the next 3 nights.

  • 1pint cherry tomatoes
  • 2 zucchinis, sliced
  • 12oz extra firm tofu (tofu is for me only, A made chicken so you would need to double this for two)
  • 12oz quinoa, prepared according to the box directions
  • 4oz feta
  1. Prepare quinoa according to box directions.
  2. Meanwhile, place tofu and veggies on sprayed, foiled baking sheets and sprinkle with salt and seasoning of choice.  Put trays in a 450* oven for 30minutes.
  3. Combine all ingredients and loudly “Mmmmmmmmmmm!”

I used 3/4C cooked quinoa, 1/3 of the veggies, 4oz tofu, and 1t feta cheese.


Oh my lord, Quinoa – where have you been all my life?


A and I loved this, it was chewy and flavorful and fabulous!

After dinner I finished up my posters, packed lunch, and finally finally finally did some physical activity.  I did 20minutes of an at home workout using a “Crunch Pick Your Spot” dvd on instant-play from Netflix.  I did abs and butt!  It wasn’t the best workout, but it’s better than nothing.  I am such an “all or nothing” person but I have to let that go this year if I want to work out at all!

What is your favorite workout dvd?

Hungry Hungry Hippos

January 9, 2009

It’s been another ravenous day, lots of snacking has taken place.  Before we went on our walk I rediscovered this fancy-shmancy box of chocolate covered figs my parents bought me for Christmas.


We all had one on vacation and decided I’m the only family member who likes figs!


It was a chilly-willy night outside so we hurried to the store and back as quickly as possible.  As soon as we got home I got cracking on dinner.  Here are some of the ingredients in the line-up.


I’m not telling you what I made yet though, you’ll have to keep scrolling!  I did some nibbling while I cooked, then I tried a new dark chocolate coconut Kashi bar while the food was cooking.


This was yummy, it was a little smaller than other bars though, I’ll probably eat these as desserts.

Finally I attacked this unsuspecting clementine couple while the baking finished.


I think part of the hunger issue was that the house smelled so good!  For dinner I made baked chicken topped with this,


and Butternut Squash Baked Mac-n-Cheese.  I’ve seen similar dishes on the Food Network but this recipe was all my own.

  • 4servings of whole wheat elbow pasta
  • 4oz 50% reduced cheddar cheese, shredded
  • 15oz canned butternut squash
  • 1/2C skim milk
  • 3/4t ground mustard
  • 1/2C shredded parmesean
  • 1/4C Italian seasoned breadcrumbs
  • 3t SmartBalance Light, melted
  1. Preheat oven to 375*.  Spray a small, square baking dish with Pam.
  2. Prepared the pasta, al dente, according to the directions of the box.  Drain.  Pour hot pasta back into the pot and stir in milk, cheddar, squash, mustard, and a sprinkle of salt.
  3. Pour pasta mixture into the baking dish.  Top with breadcrumbs, butter, and parmesean.  Bake for 30minutes and allow to rest before serving.

This was the final product.


And here is my portion alongside my chicken.


I had a half piece of chicken because I knew I’d eat this after dinner;


It’s been a long day, and I’m feeling off, so I’m heading to bed.  Sweet dreams kids!

A Person’s a Person, No Matter How Small

December 20, 2008

I had that “Horton Hears a Who Line” (it was a bonus on the “Grinch” dvd) running through my head all day!  I’m applying the theory to accomplishments – an accomplishment is an accomplishment no matter how small!  I didn’t get up as early as I wanted to, but I managed to accomplish every last todo in my day!

My alarm, once again went off at the wrong time, I’ve been using my cell alarm and ever since I got a new phone it’s been a hassle; I am so glad we are heading to Target tomorrow so I can get a real alarm clock.  My grab and go breakfast was a Nut Kind Bar on the train.


This was still good, but not as fantabulous as some of the other KIND flavors.

I had a really frustrating time with my all-boys class today, I had a prep after they left and I sat with my head on my desk for most of the period.  I spent my lunch hour talking with the English coach who sympathized (she came in today and saw the carnage that is their class) and we brainstormed some ideas.  Between that and meeting with the social worker (I have a student who badly needs to be tested for Tourettes,sp?) I didn’t get to eat lunch!  I stayed after school grading workbooks – I’m all done, yays! – so I didn’t eat “lunch” until 6pm when I got on the train!

My train eats were another salad.  The base was more “European” lettuce with pepittas and about 1oz extra-sharp cheddar,


and I topped it with the other half of the roasted zucchini (and a side of fat free balsamic).


I also ate two clementines alongside my salad.


I’m used to eating breakfast on the train, but never dinner, I always read my book.  This was actually pretty zen.

New York got some pretty serious inches today so my walk home was a snowy trudge.  I had to stop into a specialty store for something special (Sunday), and by the time I got home I tested just how not-waterproof my Uggs really are!

In spite of my train meal I was still pretty hungry, so I ate some leftover spaghetti topped with a wedge of Laughing Cow Lite French Onion cheese.


And two peppermint taffies for dessert.


Then I put on my big purple rainboots and set out for………the gym!  Finally!  I am officially the most out of shape I’ve ever been in my life – great motivation for some New Years resolutions.  The bunion/bone spur/whatever the f the painful bump on my foot is has been acting up, so I knew better than to run today.  I did 20minutes on the arc trainer, followed by 10minutes of mat abs work and stretching.

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home, but we are only here until we head to PA on Weds. so it was a quick trip.  I dug into the last piece of Smores Pie, straight from the pan! when I got home.


A’s in the shower, but as soon as I’m sparkly clean as well we are going to watch “Frosty the Snowman.”  So excited!  I will definitely be having a bag of Smart Balance popcorn (240calories) during showtime.  Hope everyone is enjoying the frosty weather, have a great night!

Ups and Downs

December 18, 2008

An update!  an update!  Per usual this week has been crazy; I’m going to do a quick recap of some of the high/low points instead of a full-on retelling.

1. The other night I had big plans for the gym, but being a good wife, I waited for A to get home.  We set out with not much time to spare, pretty close to closing.  5 steps down the block A realized he had a splinter in his toe and we had to stop and do minor roadside surgery, so no gym 😦  We did at least head to the grocery store where I got to buy more Soy Silk Eggnog!

2. My principal (wigged the f out) and decided there can be no more teacher microwaves in classrooms.  We can only use microwaves in the lounge.  We had to sign a memo Weds. morning.  a) there are no microwaves in the lounge, b) a good 70% of the staff is thinking about quitting because the kids are pretty much running the school and you’re sending out memos about microwaves?!?  I don’t even use the microwaves (as you, occasionally, see I usually bring yogurt and fruit for lunch), but it’s the principle of the thing.

3. We cooked A’s birthday dessert finally – Smores Pie!  No pictures but I’ll post the super simple delish recipe if anyone wants it; it’s basically a giganto smore!

4.  A student had a major freak out in class yesterday and slammed me into a wall.  That’s all I’m saying about this one.

5. When I got home yesterday, from a particularly soul-crushing day, I had two holiday packages!  Look at how pretty my aunt’s wrapping was:


She sent A and I each an Under Armour sweatshirt for winter runs!


The jewelry on the side was the package from my mommy.  My mom is a children’s librarian, but she’s also a fantastic jewelry maker, almost all of my earrings and necklaces are from her!  These were my favorite.


This morning for breakfast stuck with tradition and was running late, so I ate a Lemon Lara Bar on the train.


Um, yum!  Laras aren’t my absolute favorite but this flavor was great!  I need to keep trying new flavors.

For lunch I mixed things up and packed a salad.


I used a European blend of lettuce as a base topped with peppitas, blackberries, and 1/2 a raw yellow squash.  On the side was lowfat poppy seed dressing.


I also packed some Kashi cheddar crackers and 3 candy cane taffies.


I didn’t eat the crackers or candy until after school though, I stayed until 5:30 to catch up on workbook grading.  I still have a ton to do, I really need to haul my ass out of bed tomorrow morning!  I had a really great day today though – My all girls class was perfect – so hopefully I’ll be feeling 5am-motivated!

When I got home I had some snacks while I made dinner; a slice of extra-sharp cheddar,


and the last of the nonfat cottage cheese (1/2C) topped with the last of the blackberries and a dollop of homemade strawberry jam.


For dinner I made Semi-Homemade Spagetti (not Sandra Lee s.h. though, I hate that freakin’ show – butter is practically an orgasmic experience over there!).  I made most of the components myself, but used this sauce.



  • cook 1lb whole wheat angel hair according to the directions on the box, and drain
  • roast 1pint cherry tomatos, 25minutes in the oven on a foiled sheet at 450*
  • saute a smallish onion in 1.5T evoo and then brown .5lbs extra-lean ground turkey in the same pan
  • pour tomatos, turkey, and sauce into the pasta pot and stir to combine
  • consume!


This should be 2.5-3 nights of meals for A and I.  I had my serving alongside roasted veggies; the other half of the yellow squash and half a zuccini.  Look at the tomato-y goodness.


My eyes were a bit bigger than my stomach, this is what A ended up eating off my plate:


I did have room for dessert though, Smores Pie is so frickin’ good!


We are watching (the original) “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” so I’ve got to get back to the couch!  What is your favorite holiday movie?  You’ll see mine later this weekend.