Monday Night – Wednesday Morning

April 15, 2009

This is my final vacation post ūüė¶¬† Actually, I don’t get a sad face yet, I have four days left of vacation from school when I get back to the city!¬† I hate to cut island time short but I know school will seriously overwhelm me if I don’t have several days to get back into the swing of things.¬† Plus, maybe I’ll get to the goshdarn gym!!!

Monday, wedding remembering

Before I left the library for dinner I snacked on some Ritz Bits that were there for the kids in the after-school program.


My mom and dad run the program and we’ve argued for years over the fact that they have snacks for the kids with transfat (not the Ritz).

Then we headed out with both sets of parents to relive our wedding rehersal dinner.


I started with a roll with olive oil for dipping (x2).


And a 1/2 Ceasar salad.


And for my entree I ordered a spinach stuffed portabello.


It was tasty but too cheesy.  I ate everything but the salad underneath.

In spite of the cheese overload I still made room for dessert, chocolate mint meltdown cake.


I shared this with A and then went home and fell into a food coma.

Tuesday, too much sun day

I woke up very well rested on Monday!  And I even felt well enough that I ate a Lindt truffle for breakfast!


A’s mom set out a big bowl of these for me but I felt too sick to eat them this vacation.¬† I love Lindt truffles so much one Christmas A’s mom actually had to tell me to stop eating them!

Then A’s dad took us down to Beach-Comber to get in some early morning beach time.


My mommy met us there and we headed to Havensite to do a little shopping!  We stopped in at my favorite restaurant (second only to Lotus) Barefoot Buddha.  I got the Bigfoot Bagel Sandwich.


Frittata, smoked turkey, turkey bacon, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, chipolte aioli & tomato coulis & spinach.¬† Holy frickin’ yum!!!

I also split a passionfruit smoothie with A.


After some shopping my mommy went off to run some errands and A and I walked on Waterfront into town.  When we first started dating I would drag A on that walk all the time so we had a great time!  Plus we got tons of goodies once we got into town.

I started with a chicken patty.


A patty (pronounced like liver pate) is fried dough filled with seasoned meat; chicken, beef, conch, saltfish, etc.

Then we got some beer.


In St. Thomas there are no open container laws so you can walk around with your drinks.¬† (Sidenote: the first few times I drank in college I would forget that I was stateside and walk out of bars with my “beverages,” made for some interesting conversations with bouncers/cops!).¬†

I drank half my Greenie Light and handed it to A in favor of a passionfruit guava fracco!


Fraccos are basically shaved ice, but back home you can buy them from trucks on the side of the road.  This one was way too sweet so I only had half.

After town A and I headed down to Megans for a final beach visit around 3.  I layed out, but I got A building a sandcastle as my view.




We also took a loooong walk down the beach to laugh at all the sunburnt tourists.  I got mine though, I realized at the end of the day that my forearms got burned on my walk downtown!

On the drive home from the beach we stopped in at the famous stt dairy spot, Udder Delight!



I got a Bailey’s Delight Milkshake – rum raisin ice-cream, eggnog, egg(?), and lots of rum!


I’ve eyed this flavor for years so I’m glad I got it, but it was only good in small doses so I ate about half.

My¬†snacking went further “vacation-style” when I got home, with a minibag of Cheetos.


And half a mini bagel with pb.


My mom made dinner for A that I wasn’t very excited about so I only ate small plates.¬† Cucumber and tomato salad,


spinach sauteed in sesame oil,


and a teeny taste of chicken and dumplings.


All together.


After dinner we hit dessert hard!  My parents got me raspberry cordials, in an adorable box, for Easter so I ate one of those.



And my mom made a key lime pie with creme fresh.




We spent the rest of the evening playing Taboo.  We get pretty excited about board games.  At some point in the evening my dad made me a small bowl of air popped popcorn.


A is the bestest that he makes me popcorn on the stove but I can’t wait until we have room for our wedding stuff and I can make air-popped!

Wednesday, goodbye

Fun fact – today is 100 days until I turn 24 on July 24th!

I wanted to start my morning healthy (100days and all and I have a long travel day), but I also wanted to appreciate my mom’s yummy pie, so I compromised.


I took a small slice of pie and a nonfat plain Greek Gods Greek yogurt and mashed them together in a coffee cup.



A and I are at school with my mommy right now and around 11 his dad is coming to pick us up.¬† After lunch with his parents we have at 4:30 flight to Atlanta, a short layover, and a final flight to NY.¬† We don’t get in until late late so I won’t be posting again until tomorrow.¬† I’m sad to see this part of vacation end, but I am excited to get back to my little box!

What is your favorite board game?  Mine is probably Pictionary.  I like Monopoly, but only if I get Boardwalk!


Saturday Night – Monday Afternoon

April 13, 2009

Hello again, I’m back for another vacation installment!¬† I’m not responding to comments on my trip, but yes, I am from St. Thomas and thank you, for all the well-wishes!


After I left the library my parents and I went to dinner at a new Cajun place out on the East End.¬† A was with his parents so we had a good time sharing all our dishes (A isn’t the best sharer!).

Look at how cute my diet coke is.


We started with garlic bread,


and a salad with toasted coconut, papaya vinaigrette, and brie; yum.


Here is my plate.


For entrees we got jerk chicken pizza,


and blacked chicken alfredo.


My dinner plate.


And chocolate bread pudding for dessert, I ate about 1/2 of this.


When we got home from dinner I tucked in to this stack of joy.



I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but I have a major Archie obsession!¬† My mom bought me some vintage ones for Christmas but saved them for me at home.¬† Here is my whole set.


The perfect reading material for vacation!

Sunday, Easter!

Sunday morning we had people over for brunch around 10 so I decided to eat something healthy first thing around 8.


Museli = plain nonfat yogurt, 2t maple sugar, 1/4C oats.


While I ate I opened the two! Easter baskets my mommy made me; we are big gift givers!


And then we set up for the party.¬† Here is the spread –

bagels and cream cheese with lox,


tropical fruit salad, sugar cookies,


bowlers, egg salad.


It was great seeing all our old family friends.¬† A’s family came over too.¬† Here is my plate.


And I had 4-5 crackers with cheese and a sugar cookie.  Plus this piece of Easter candy later.


I was feeling a lot better, but I did need a serious nap after the party!

That night my parents A and I did a “dinner tour;” drinks, appetizers, and entrees in three different spots!¬† We started at Fungis, a spot that¬†is literally on the water.





I had a Ting.


And then we headed to Duffy’s Love Shack, the place I used to work, for chicken nachos!


I ate about 2/3 of these.

And finally we walked across the street for pizza.  I had a pesto slice,


and a bbq chicken slice.


Monday, sun day

This morning was nice and relaxed (the whole trip has been relaxing!).¬† I’m feeling lots better, but still not 100%.¬† For breakfast I had fruit salad leftovers,


and a honey flavored Greek Gods Greek yogurt.


I might have also eaten this Hello Kitty marshmallow.


After some serious naptime, A and I headed to the beach.  We went down to to Megans which is only about 3minutes from my house.  I am seriously in to protecting my skin so we only did an hour in the sun since we are still pretty pale.

After a quick shower I drank this coconut drink to replenish.


I’m doing some computer things here at school while my mommy and daddy work and A hangs out.¬† The plan tonight is actually to go to dinner at the place we had our rehearsal dinner, should be fun!

Have you ever been a waiter?¬† *Extra credit – find my profile on the Duffy’s website!

Thursday Morning – Saturday Afternoon

April 11, 2009

Holy frick I love vacation!¬† It’s Saturday, so everyone must at least have the day off from work, this won’t seem too much like bragging!¬† As promised I am doing a mid-trip update from the islands.¬† There is a lot to say, and I am still pretty sick (boo!) so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves for the most part.¬† I will say this –

  1. I am on vacation
  2. I get really really hungry whenever I fly
  3. please, please, please, remember that this is not a Self blog, do NOT eat like me!

Thursday, plane day

We had a 9:55 flight so we had a rather low-key morning, sleeping until 6 on a travel day is almost unheard of.  A and I shared this juice while in the security line.


And I packed a snack (last serving of Mary’s Gone Crackers, 1Babybell mini, 1 clementine) for the first flight.


The clementine was super sour, almost like a lemon, so we ended up throwing it away.

I also packed this sampler from Emergen-C in order to stay hyrdated and bolster my immune system for the airport.


I also snacked on these airline biscuit cookies.


A always asks for two when he flies and I always make fun of him, but they were pretty delicious!

During our 4+ hour layover in Atlanta we got lunch at Panda Express.


I had steamed veggies with eggplant tofu and mandarin chicken.

A few hours later we got suckered in by a Freshens stand.



That was a “small.”¬† I want to mock the fact that they call that size a small, but I have to be honest and say that I demolished it.¬† I got a swirl of sugarfree praline pecan and fatfree white chocolate mousse.¬† This was the pinacle of holy yum.¬† I always see this place when I fly but never stop, stop!¬† The praline pecan is not to be missed.

Going much much further downhill in food choices I ate this entire bag of trailmix on the final flight.


And promptly ate the cookie A’s mom handed me when I got off the plane.


And then I made a plate of goodies that A’s family set up for us at the house.


Tons of fresh fruit, two crackes with hummus, two slices of cheese and 1slice of turkey.¬† And then I fell into a food coma and got the best night of sleep ever ūüôā

Friday, St. John

Friday morning we took the car ferry over to St. John (the island next to St. Thomas) with A’s parents.¬† I don’t want to brag, but realistically, the pictures don’t even begin to do it justice.





I snacked on a Lara bar during the car ride.


We spent most of the day driving around the island sightseeing, A’s dad did an 8mile (uphill!) race last month and he drove us through the course.¬† I was feeling pretty sick so I actually was a party pooper and curled up in the back seat to sleep.¬† I did wake up for some key moments though –




donkey feeding,



and lunch at Skinny Legs.


I ordered a side salad with grilled Mahi.


After lunch, and some more driving, we stopped in at Trunk bay for anther nap, this time on the beach!¬† Here was my view –




After that we packed back into the car and headed back to St. Thomas.¬† A and I left his parents at that point and went back to my house.¬† After some solid hanging out time with my mommy and daddy (seriously I have such a fun family, I couldn’t be happier with how while A fits in with all of us and how much fun we have together) we got dressed for dinner at my all time favorite spot – Lotus Sushi!

A ordered separatly, but my parents and I shared several things.  You can assume I ate 1/3 of each plate shown.

Dim Sum Gow Gees – crispy wonton dumplings filled with boniato potato/ jalopeno/Asian veggies/tamarind chutney.


Asian Trio – wasabi guacamole/togarashi black bean hummus/Asian salsa/wonton chips. (came with a basket of chips)


Soho House roll – smoked salmon/spicy blue crab/Asian slaw/scallion cream cheese/entire roll tempura/spicy yum yum& amai yuzu glaze.


Green Apple Pad Thai – crumbled egg/toasted peanuts/green apple croutons/pad thai sauce with chicken.


Chai Foam Chocolate Mousee.


After we took my parents home A and I met up with some old guy friends for a drink.


I actually had two of these – coke and Cruzan dark rum.

From there we moved the party to a beach to reminese.  The boys finished off most of five 6packs but I stuck to aloe juice.


Just was well, I wanted to be a safe driver at 4:30am!!!

Saturday, relax

This morning, we needed to sleep in!  It says something about how draing my job is that I can go to bed after 5 in the morning on vacation and wake up 1000000X more rested than I do at home!  I got my morning off to a healthy start,


I topped my banana oats (1/3C oatmeal cooked with 1small banana) with a splash of  2% mix and a big spoon of chunkey pb.


And then we got down to the serious business of decorating Easter eggs!




From there my parents took us to lunch at Deli Deck, a place in Havensite.  All of things I used to order were gone so the menu pickings ended up being pretty slim.  I got a buffalo chicken sandwhich.


I never eat the bun, but here is what was left when I was done.


My mouth was on fire so I bought a Fuze Refresh before I came to the library to write this post!


And now I’m here.¬† It’s been a fabulous time so far, in spite of the incredibly bad food choices I’ve been enjoying along the way!¬† I’ve got more fun to have so I’m going to split, hope everyone is having a great weekend!

What are your plans for Easter?


February 17, 2009

Miracle, n a. the place of my last ny meal before heading to boston; b. the fact that I managed to get a photo of all my vacay meals; c. the fact that a and i didn’t pop after all we ate anddrank this weekend

I’m back from Boston!¬† A and I had fabulous times enjoying the food, scenery, and company.¬† In addition to seeing some of our college friends, we got to spend quality time with two high school friends (Nikki and Ian)¬†who were also in our wedding party just about a year ago!


This will be a (long) long weekend post, so I’ll be less detailed than usual.

On Friday night, A and I went to Miracle Grill for dinner before getting ready for our trip.  I had a 15% off coupon, and the food there is great.  I started with a huge bowl of corn chowder which was delish!


And for my meal I ordered a 1/2 veggie quesadilla.


I ate 3 of 4 pieces as well as 1 of A’s chicken quesadilla slices.


The next day, early Saturday morning, we boarded the bus to Boston.¬† We pretty much slept the whole way, but got breakfast when the bus did a rest stop towards the end.¬† I had a few sips of A’s hot chocolate.


And 3/4 of this bar, which was gross frankly.


When we got to Boston Ian picked us up and after a stop at his house we met up with all the St. Thomian crew for a lunch at The Other Side, a spot in Boston with a great selection of booze, vegan options, raw options, and “normal” food.¬†


Disclaimer: we pretty much drank all day.  I started with an Original Sin apple cider.


And for lunch I had the Buffalo Tempeh Sandwich.


I ate everything but the bread.¬† I’ve decided tempeh is my least favorite vegan option, but I still enjoyed it.

From there, Saturday afternoon, we headed to Jillians.  With 1Guinness I definitelydid the least drinking in our party!   I also had a Jager Bomb, but not of my own volition!


We played some games of bowling and pool and pretty much had a blast.  Even though I sucked beyond belief the 2nd game, I came in 2nd in the first!





Once we were all played out, Saturday evening, we headed to Sunset Tap and Grille, a Boston place that has an INSANE beer selection.  Look at the great decor!




I had an Ipswitch Blueberry Ale, with real blueberries!


Yes, that is A passed out across the table.¬† He honest to God wasn’t the drunk, he just didn’t sleep at all the night before because he stayed up packing.¬† He slept through most of the meal, and then in true A fashion, snagged someone else’s chicken fingers as we left the bar!!!¬† I nibbled on the ginourmous nachos we ordered as a table.


And ordered a Shrimp ‘Po Boy for my meal.


I ate all of the sweet potato fries and maybe 1/3 of the shrimp – the portions were ridiculous here, we easily could have shared 2plates as a whole table!

From Sunset, late Saturday evening, we met up with¬†one of my close guy friends from Miami.¬† He lived about a 25minute walk from the bar (I love to trek, and my friends loved me, so I somehow convinced everyone this walk was a good idea!) so we went to his house to meet his roommates and play some serious rounds of beer pong!¬† I don’t know how much I drank (although not very much) because I sipped on random Corona Lights.


Not surprisingly, we had a late start Sunday morning.¬† Ian declined brunch, but dropped us off at Nikki’s and we all headed to Pops.


I had a Bellini with breakfast!¬† Bellinis are one of my favorite drinks, this was what we served at my bridal shower, so Nikki and I reminisced about the wedding over brunch ūüôā


I ordered the French Toast Monte Cristo (with no ham).


Um, Yum!  I ate most of the salad and 1/2 of the giganto sandwich.

From brunch, Sunday early afternoon, Nikki’s boyfriend dropped us at The Freedom Trail, and we started our 2.5ish mile walk around Boston.¬† The “trail” is a tour of Boston’s key historical sites; 1st school, 1st church, graveyard where famous revolutionaries were buried, etc.¬† It was funtabulous!¬† Basically you follow a red line around the town:


The high point for N and I was bubble tea from Quincy Market.


But we were also pretty excited about this donkey.


We ended the trail at Quincy Market because showers and naps were becoming pretty crucial at that point.¬† A doesn’t have a Playstation, so playing Rock Bandwith the boys this weekend was pretty much his favorite part of the trip!¬† I drank a Heinekin Light as I covered my ears.


For dinner, Sunday night,¬†Ian met up with us and we went to Elephant Walk, a French Cambodian place in my friend’s neighborhood.


The food was beyond fabulous! I ordered the Amok RoyalA Cambodian signature dish – a spicy, custard-like preparation of fresh crab, bay scallops, grouper and shrimp with coconut milk and complex Khmer seasonings; steamed in a banana leaf cup and garnished with cilantro and red bell pepper.


I was super hungry, and I pretty much licked the plate clean!¬† The food was delish, and the server was sweet, but it was soooooo slow!¬† We actually asked for bread at one point (more than an hour in) and were told “it is still baking”!!!¬† To thank us for being so patient our waiter actually comped dessert for all of us.¬† I had a few bites of A’s Le Mocha D√©lice¬†– A delicate chocolate cake layered with mocha mousse, topped with chocolate ganache and garnished with coffee cr√®me Anglaise.¬†¬†


And I ordered the¬†Marjolaine – A Parisian classic; almond d’acquoise layered with coffee praline buttercream, chocolate chiffon cake and chantilly cream topped with ganache; served with coffee creme Anglaise.¬†¬†


I ate about 2/3 of my dessert along with a pot of chai tea.


Look at how cute the sugar packets were.


Here is the stuffed St. Thomas crew.


We hit up a bar close to the restaurant (I had a coffee) and ended up going back to the apartment for a session of Rock Band.

Monday morning, Nikki and her boyfriend had to go to work so we went to a goodbye breakfast at the Coolidge Corner Clubhouse.


I got a pulled bbq chicken sandwich, with broccoli.


I love pulled chicken!  I left the bun as usual but ate almost everything else.

I wasn’t going to drink, but I saw this on the menu –“Original Cherry¬†Coke” icy¬†cola with Three Olives cherry vodka, grenadine, and a handful of marischino cherries¬†– and had to get one!


After brunch we got dessert at JP Licks, a Boston place I’ve heard about in many a blog.¬† Look at the cow rocking the Flava Flav.


I got a kiddie sized maple butter walnut to share with A.


After dessert we actually split with all of our friends so A could get his hair cut for an interview he has today.  Once he got them all cut, we walked around alone a bit.  Ian was going to take us back to the bus so he picked us up for dinner.

Monday late afternoon, we met up with a final college friend at Bertuccis.  I was beyond hungry for some reason.  I ate a roll x2.


And ordered the Baked Tortellin and Chicken Gratinati.


I demolished this.¬† A and I ordered the same thing, and he didn’t even eat 2/3 of it!

After dinner, we were sad to have Ian take us back to the bus station, we had a great trip!¬† We couldn’t sleep as well on the return trip so we took some quick naps but mostly chatted and read our books.¬† I snacked on this candy throughout the ride.


Once back in the city we went straight to bed so A would be rested for his interview this morning.

Today, I’ve got a busy day planned, but now I’m all blogged out, so I’ll be back with an update later.¬† I’ll leave you with 2 questions –

  1.  Do you eat the bun/bread when you order a sandwich at a restaurant?
  2. What is your favorite US city to visit?