December 24, 2008

It’s the third night of Hanukkah, but this was the first night when I really felt at peace.  We didn’t get to actually do the ceremony at sundown (my schedule means I Never do) but I greatly enjoyed using our new menorah.  It is really fun to build my own holiday traditions with A.  (Just so everyone’s not confused, you will see me celebrating holidays from both faiths this year – it’s the way I grew up and at this point I consider myself spiritual.  Feel free to ask, I just don’t think this post is the place)  Look at our new menorah though!


It’s been a fun, but busy night.  I stared with a small slice of extra-sharp cheddar,


and then delved straight into elfing!  We used the following stuff,


to make this,












part of our gift to the in-laws!  NO ONE reads this blog, but just to be safe I’m not posting the other stuff.  We will pack the pretzels into their containers when we head out tomorrow.

I managed not to eat too many nibbles while I was cooking, because I had a good dinner coming up.  I split a giganto sweet potato with A,


I topped my half with SmartBalance and a small sprinkle of salt.

And then I had this frozen meal – swoon!!!!!   I so so so so so recommend this item.


This is my favorite (frozen or non) thing ever!  I found them in a little grocery store here the other day and was so excited.  The same store was also majorly packing Lara Bars, so you should see some fun new flavors on here soon.


So good!

We also cracked open this bottle of wine while we pretzled.  I’m waaay to immature for wine, but I really liked this.


We bought it in a local wine store on 7th Ave.  What a cute label.


We head to PA tomorrow!  We have all sorts of fun stuff coming up, so I’ll let you in on the excitement:

  • tomorrow – Sunday we are headed to PA to visit my in-laws for Christmas
  • on the 27th we are going snowboarding with A’s sister
  • then on the 28th we are having the least romantic 1year anniversary ever: we board a bus back to nyc in the a.m, unpack, repack, board a plane to Miami that night!  which means…
  • …we are headed to Miami to visit my parents (they still live in St. Thomas, we are all flying for a visit) from the 29th-the 1st
  • and finally we have 4 days of freedom at home before we head back to hell school

1st fun event though – we have “A Carebears Nutcracker” to watch tonight in bed!  Holly geez I love this movie.  I searched to find it again for years and this year it showed up at Blockbusters!  Who has ever seen “Carebears in Wonderland”?


Each One Better Than the Last

October 17, 2008

I ate my dinner in a series of delicious courses!  A and I went to the grocery store to pick up some staples and I ate the last serving of these from the back of the pantry while we walked.

For dinner I ate some of last night’s leftovers.

This was good, but I’m giving the recipe for what I did with the recommendation that it undergoes some tweaking.  I did the parts separately and put them together at the end.  This seems like it will be about 6 portions.

  • Cook ww linguine al dente, following your box’s instructions, and drain
  • Cook 2 medium chicken breasts, seasoned with salt and pepper, at 350* for 45minutes.  Slice the chicken into chunks.
  • Saute 1/2 a purple onion and a bag of frozen cauliflower in a T of PromiseActiv
  • Mix together a premade packet of french onion soup mix, a pint of non-fat sour cream (this makes french onion dip) and 1 C of chicken broth
  • Combine all parts in the pasta pot, let sit to combine (5minutes) then top with parsley

I would say this was good, but needed more punch; cheese maybe, or another seasoning.

While I studied I snacked on a plate of roasted yams.

Preheat oven to 425*, spray a foiled baking sheet with a little Pam, place down sliced yams, sprinkle with salt, and cook for 25minutes.  I do not flip when I roast veggies, even though I know most people do.  I also prepared this guy, a potato squash, to try tomorrow.

Finally I had a spooky sundae for dessert!

Half a cup of Slow Churned Yogurt Blends Vanilla topped with 3 crunched Oreos and 4 chopped Candy Corn Kisses. 

I’m feelin a little nervous about the test tomorrow.  I’ve heard from several sources it’s the hardest one, I looked over the free study guide tonight but I’m betting I should have done more; cest la vie!  I will not post tomorrow morning because I have to leave the house at 6:30!!!!!! to get to the testing center on time.  Have a good night (and morning) all!