I Have a New Blog

July 10, 2009


Pretty please, update your blogrolls, googlereaders, etc.  Muchas Gracias!



June 29, 2009

Today is Monday, June 29th and there are a few special things about this day:

  1. It is exactly 25 days until I celebrate my 24th birthday on July 24th
  2. This Monday I do not have to go to school, making it the first official day I am not a teacher.

I am heading towards a new home (we narrowed it down to spots in the NorthEast, you will find out soon I swear).  I am about to start a new year.  I am starting a new chapter in my career by going back to school.  This is the start of a new life, and I wanted to celebrate with a new blog.

This experience has been a joy and I hope you all will follow me to my next blog venturehttp://eatventures.wordpress.com.

Thank You.



June 29, 2009

It is late late late and I am tired tired tired of my internet so I’m going to give some foodie-rific highlights and leave it at that.  Use in your imagination to fill in the rest of the day, it was fabulous 🙂

Breakfast with my daddy for a belated Fathers’ Day.


Homemade strawberry cream popsicle from the flea market in DUMBO.




Pistachio cupcake from Sugar Sweet Sunshine.


Bubble tea in a can from Pearl River Market.



What was the foodie highlight of your day?

I Didn’t Disappear, I Swear!

June 23, 2009

I know, I know, I am terrible at this blogging thing!  It’s a good thing I have a blogging surprise coming up in the very near future 🙂  I’ve been surprisingly busy the last two days and I had some school food events at which I couldn’t take pictures so blog posts just weren’t working out.  I plan on actually returning tomorrow but I wanted to give some fun updates –

  1. My students graduated this Monday (yes, school still goes until Friday; no, I don’t understand either) and it was a nice ceremony.  My principal got The Heights to come perform so that was fun.
  2. We got to leave school at 1pm yesterday and I had a grand time getting a drink with my coworkers.
  3. My coworkers are amazingly sweet and we are celebrating my escape by getting more drinks this Friday (I do regularly hang out with my coworkers anyway but Ms. M has been really nice about organizing this get-together)
  4. My school day today was as such – 2hour breakfast, 3hour movie, lunch, 2hours on the field.
  5. My parents come to visit this weekend and I’m super excited to see them.

That is all.

What are you most excited about today?

Sunday Side Up

June 8, 2009

Sunday night was our “going out night,” which clearly had something to do with why I didn’t post last night!  I actually didn’t drink very much, but I’m feeling a little sick this morning so I think there is something up with my stomach.  Yesterday was the best New York spring day.  Everything was just so wonderful, I got pretty choked up when I thought about moving away.

Sunday morning A worked on his ‘Husband of the Year’ award by making breakfast for my friends and I.


I was served 2 eggs sunny side up with toast with SmartBalance.  It was very yummy – A makes the best eggs.

After breakfast we headed out to do some NY exploring – we met up with some of K’s family in China Town!  Our first stop had to be bubble tea.



I got a strawberry milk tea with bobba,


delish!  We had a pretty great walk, we looped through China Town to Little Italy and finally into SoHo.  I took my first trip to the pearl trading company and feel in love – I even got some gifts for some of my fellow Brooklyn bloggers.

I took them to Economy Candy so they could get some gifts and then I continued to spread the obsession by showing everyone Sugar Sweet Sunshine.  You know I got a pistachio cupcake!


Seriously, I don’t even like cupcakes, but this might be my favorite dessert of all time.

Then it was time to head home and change for dinner.  K’s cousin lives in Williamsburg so we headed there for dinner and drinks.  We did dinner at Planet Thailand (where the first blogger meet up was).  I loved the way they incorporated beer bottles into the bar decor –


For my dinner drink I got a Dirty Jolly Rancher.


And to eat, Pad See Eiw.


I subsituted vegetarian duck for beef.  Somehow my drink had really kicked in and I was so tipsy by the time dinner came that I devoured the entire plate and felt very ill.  I ended up getting a diet coke at our next stop – Alligator Lounge.  But I did eat two slices of mini pizza.


Alligator Lounge gives you a free mini pizza with every drink you order!  Our next stop was even better though – Barcade.  1.  The outside wall is a mural made of beer bottle tops.




2. There is a Space Invaders scene in the bottle tops.


3. The reason for the Space Invaders is because Barcade is stocked with tons of old video arcade games!A caught a shot of me rocking out Tetris.


I also got my butt kicked in Quebert, Dig Dug, and several others.  All while enjoying an Abita Turbodog.


Abita Strawberry will always be my favorite, but for a dark beer this was pretty darn good!

We came home and crashed and today – I’m late and I’ve got to run, See Ya!


May 25, 2009

Are you a freak?  This post is going to be freakishly big because I didn’t post yesterday.  A and I’ve been up to lots of stuff, trying to stretch out the long weekend as loooooong as possible.  We did lots of eating, which we slightly countered with lots of walking, but I feel like this is a good week to get back to healthy habits!

On Sunday we slept in (I stayed up past 3 with my Scrubs marathon!) and then A and I finally made it to this historic spot.


On the way there we split a ww bagel with strawberry cream cheese.


The cream cheese had real strawberries in it!


I at all of mine and a few bites of A’s half too.

A 45minute later we were in the land of dreams – Coney Island!  The had a fabulous day, seeing the sites, eating the food, boozing it up, and riding the rides!  We spent some time exploring the streetside first.







And then we wandered down to the ocean and the boardwalk.







Next it was time for Beer Island.





The bartender was super nice and let A and I sample all of the Coney Island brews.



A got the Blockhead Ale and I ended up with the Albino Python.


It was good, but I got about 1/3 through before I gave mine to A.

Then we split a fresh-squeeze lemonade.


And I had my share of this FOOT of strawberry daquari.


We had a great time on the boardwalk – I love old food signs.




Then it was time for the attractions! 


We played some games, rode the Wonder Wheel,




saw a freak show,



and rode the Cyclone.



We did the Cyclone last and good thing, I was all shook up!  I love rollercoasters but this wooden guy beat you up, my neck still hurts!

We left the park around 4 and I’d waited too long to eat so I had one of A’s chicken fingers.


On the subway home I ate a pecan roll I bougth at the famous candy store.


Once we got back to our ‘hood it seemed like time for more sweets so we split a small peanut butter cookie dough ice.


I had never heard of “ice” before I moved to NYC but basically they have less cream than ice-cream.  Plus check out the nutritional stats –


This was soooo good, I’d been craving frozen yogurt and this more than hit the spot.

After we freshened up at home we went out for a long walk.  Midway I stopped at a small Jamaican spot and bought a fresh soursop juice.


Yum!  Soursop is my favorite, this made me miss home so much.

We walked up to the Arch to see the fountain on for the first time this spring.


We got a late dinner from a local Chinesse place – I had Kung Pow Tofu.


Not good at all.  Help me!  Does anyone know of a good Chinesse place in Brooklyn?

Sunday morning we slept in again – gotta stretch out that weekend! – then finally got up and did a little school work.  We decided to honor our Burrito Bar obsession with an early lunch – how can you not love a spot with complimentary homemade salsa and chips?


A and I split a smoothie – Cher’s Forever Young, orange juice, orange sherbet, soymilk.


Yum, I’ve been craving smoothies since our blender died, we would usually be making so many right now.  I went simple for A but I will be going back to get one with actual berries.

For lunch I ordered the turkey mini burgers.


They were 6 burgers with different toppings (lowfat sour cream, guac, and cheese) that came with french fries.


Everything was good, but for some reason my appetite hadn’t kicked in yet – I ate 4 mini burgers and only a few fries.


Then A and I headed up to the city for another doctors appointment for my foot.  I limped out sadly so A took me to Wendy’s for a frosty (small, with cookie dough).


I realize I basically ate this yesterday, but it’s the weekend damnit!

When we came home I had to finally crack down and do some school work.  My plans are done for the week, all my materials have been copied, and I’ve done 85% of my posters.  While I worked I ate some SmartFood.


I treked to Staples for my copies and then A and I went to Starbucks to knock out our grading.  I had a snack while we worked – fresh fruit, cookies, ice h2o.


The fruit cup tasted as if it was on its last legs but I knew I needed the fruit so I ate it.



And I had a package of (130calories) toffee caramel shortbread cookies for a much needed (scoff!) dessert.


We were finally finished at 9:30 so I could devote my attention to more important things, like food blogging!  Dinner’s plan was sandwiches so I broke out some Quorn Chick’n Nuggets.


I cooked 5nuggets, let them cool, and sliced them up.  Then I tossed them in a sauce made from 1.5T SmartBalance Light and 6 healthy dashes of Tabasco Chipolte.  Then I placed them on a bun with mayo – which meant I got to use my new mayo from Blue Apron.


Finally, I topped the whole thing with some blue cheese crumbles.


And what better side for a Buffalo Chick’n Sandwich then fries (Five Guys) drenched in balsamic vinegar.


I more than made up for skipping my fries at lunch.  All together.


And my computer is slower than molasses so this post took long as heck and it’s time for bed!  Sleep tight kiddies!

Bright Ideas

May 24, 2009

Hi there, I’m back for my pm post of the day.  It was a fun fun fun (i.e. lazy) Saturday.  I spent 90% of my time hanging out with A – I ❤ kissing my hubby!

Bright, totally normal, idea #1 – eating chocolate from Blue Apron for breakfast.



I really liked these little candies.  The inside had a kind of strange gummy texture but the flavors were good together.

Then A and I decided to go into the city for a late brunch.  On the way there we got lemonade.


When A bought his the woman said it was sugarfree so I decided to get some too.  After tasting it we found out that it was made with some sort of fake sugar and was not good at all; we each drank less than 1/3.  I need to make some homemade lemonade soon, it sounded so good! 

We hit up Freemans, a spot we had read about in SoHo.




It was gorgeous, it was an old home and it was decorated like an eccentric ski lounge.  The lighting was dim so my pics don’t begin to do justice.

I ordered Poached egg, a roasted tomato, cheddar cheese grits and buttered toast.



This was delicious!  I adore poached eggs and the bread was perfect for yolking.  I am sure the grits were good, but apparently I don’t like grits, so I ended up leaving most of them.


I ordered a Freeman’s Bloody Mary made with potato vodka, freshly grated horseradish and garnished with a caperberry.


It was only ok, the reason I have been liking Bloody Marys lately is for the spice and the horseradish in this kind of tapered off.

What was great was the next two drinks A and I shared: a Germain Fizz champagne, elderflower liquor, grapefruit and a Bourbon Tea Cooler bourbon, iced tea, pomagranate syrup.



The Germain Fizz was the best drink of the day (A also had champagne with absinthe), it was perfectly fizzy and sour.

I even got dessert, Bananas Foster with rum butterscotch sauce!


So frickin good!  A ate off all the ice-cream but I pretty much devoured the rest.  Kath posted about this dessert last week and I realized I hadn’t had it in forever – so glad I got to satisfy the urge.

I have to be honest, I was pretty wasted by the end of brunch.  I have always been a lightweight, even when I drank a lot, so at my current rate of less than one a week I am ridiculous.  I stumbled around SoHo laughing and fell asleep on A’s lap for the whole train ride home!  Not, however, before we stopped in at Boss Tweeds to play an arcade game!




When we got home (I had sobered up) we did some errands and hung out.  We watched a movie and my next bright idea (after candy and booze) was to eat a huge bowl of popcorn with melted SmartBalance for “dinner.”


Goooooood.  Not good was the movie, we rented “Rachel Getting Married” and I do NOT recommend it.  I love Anne Hathaway and I was really looking forward to this but it was so slow!  Has anyone else seen this flick?

A and I took a long walk around the ‘hood and our final bright idea was renting a Scrubs dvd.  Our brilliant plan is to stay up half the night cuddling and watching.  I love Scrubs with A so much I mentioned it in our wedding vows!  Hope everyone else has a comfy cozy night!

What are some of your guilty pleasures?  I am a (guilt free) popcorn, walks, and Scrubs fanatic!